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Sane Friends

I Love the Smell of Testosterone in the Morning

Over dinner tonight the Landlord informed me that he thinks he's going to go all male in the house. The craziness of Inverse and Single has worn him thin. Both still owe money and the drama that they bring with them predicts that nothing is going to change anytime soon. In my experiences in the house over the years, the Landlord chooses people to help out. I've been there and sometime still there. However with this comes a lot of problems and drama. The more stable people he doesn't seem to pick. I've lived with all guys and a woman around does make the place smell nicer.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

That picture you posted today is kind of disturbing.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember you mentioning Single. Is she another unstable woman in the house ?

I can't believe that they're behind on rent now. Emotionally unstable + behind on rent = Get the fuck out of my house !

I think your landlord likes to play rescuer to unstable women, which hints he has issues of his own.


Hi Mike,
Sounds like your landlord has suddenly come to the conclusion that all women are like "Inverse" and "Single." I'm sure he could find plenty of guys who are unstable and get behind on their rent, too. Maybe, like Senorita says, he gravitates towards unstable women.

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