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Sane Friends

Ticket to Ride

Well Blondie got no satisfaction from the doctor only tests ordered. I offered her some needle less acupuncture to see if it would help, but she decided against it. The good news is she got half a turkey sandwich down today. So when I'll talk to her tonight I'll see if we can get together this weekend. Even if it's Starbucks and a game to get to know each other. Sitting here with my wheels spinning isn't doing much for me.

I'm surprised my patient appreciation is being lightly attended. The free chair massage you think would bring people in. However I though the women would like the free make over, trying fashionable clothes on, and glamour shots. Hey I offered. I still have a few more people to call.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Wow ... I've never heard of "needless accupuncture." If there's no actual puncture, do you just call it "accu"?


I would like a free chari massage. Please come over- I'll send my address. Thanks.


You offered a free chair massage and free makeover ? That is wonderful, and really shows that you are going out of your way.

I treasure massages, especially ones that are free so you could bet that I would be over there in a heartbeat if I were your patient.

One thing I learned in interning and watching people run their own businesses is that it doesn't matter how over and beyond you go, there are many people that take that for granted. It's especially when you go above and beyond and offer free things like this that many take your efforts for granted.

I think you should ration things like these to your few best patients only. People that have been your patients for a while and pay on time. They feel rewarded because they felt they earned it, you're appreciated and you save money.

I know that when I worked in car rental and went above and beyond and did extras, some appreciated it, but most of the time I was treated like a doormat.

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