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Sane Friends

A Shift in the Winds

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I have this feeling that Blondie and I won't get off the ground. While talking is still going well she is doing more things while she is talking to me. I knew last Saturday when we met that she couldn't keep her focus long. I was going to take offense at it, but saw that was the way she is. While I have no hard evidence it's just a gut instinct. I'm not quite sure if it's from past experiences in which the more phone talk I have with someone without seeing them it never lasts. Although that has always been if we never met. So we'll see.

Happy hour went very well tonight. 12 members showed up and the place gave us a nice long table to sit at. It was the first place to really give up some place. I've eaten there before so I knew the food was good. It was mostly new to recent members which was good. I heard some of the new ones say that they saw that and figured it would be a good event to come to. They still have smoking there, but it wasn't too heavy. I left just before the band started so I don't know who stayed for the show.

People were asking about my events. In any endeavor I do I figure out what I want to get out of it. For me I want to bond more with my patients. In doing so I've networked with fellow business people to give them a chance to expand their business so that makes it free for my patients. What the event really gives me is a reason to call people who aren't active at the moment. People may not call for an appointment even though they have been thinking about it until they talk to me. Since they know I did the event and I invited them they know they care. So really the big numbers are more for my network alliance people. However a good amount of people is needed to have fun. I'm just surprised people pass up a free massage.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I think you should pay attention to your gut instinct with Blondie. It always starts with the instinct.

As long as you are getting what you want out of your events, then keep on doing it ! All I can say is I would never turn down a free massage.


Years back I had few great dates with a guy who seemed to have promise(I am sort of picky & a lot don't, so...), but then on the next date, the focus issue. I thought it might be an ADD dx-but we drifted apart pretty soon after that. When I dated a guy who was very ADHD, my ex, Don, he focused on me perfectly & I never had that problem with him.
Go with your gut on this. I don't think she is as interested as at the onset.


In terms of the free massage, it could even be the scheduling aspect; perhaps it just does not fit in.

As for Blondie, well, perhaps she needs to focus on her health and life right now. Sorry things did pass on by, but you had some good within there.

As for doing other things while talking on the phone HAHAHAHAHA, um, I find it almost impossible to talk on the phone and NOT do at least one other thing at the same time, even when talking w/ my beloved who I am into. Walk the dog, wash dishes, check out a calendar entry (if at work, for example), etc. I don't even read and comment on blogs w/out also doing something else simultaneously. But, like Mary's saying and pointing out, that in and of itself may not be it, and apparently is not; also the shift from focusing on you to not focusing on you is what you're noticing.
Life moves along.

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