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Sane Friends

And it Ends with Laughter

So I finally got to get together with Blondie today at Starbucks. We grabbed drinks and since the weather had gotten so great we sat outside to talk and play a game. Lifestories always works in these situations and we had a good time. Conversation flowed very nicely, but I don't think there is any chemistry for Blondie. With her sickness they are doing tests this week to biopsy her lymph nodes to see what's going on. So we had a fun time for 2 hours before she needed to head back to get some more work done. When I got the cheek I knew what was going on. I'm sad, but okay knowing what's going on.

The Landlord was out tonight so Phili and I got to hang out. I tell you she wears some short outfits. Today's is like a tennis skirt. If you bend over you're giving the world a show. I know since I've almost had that show several times already.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Yes, it does sound like Blondie is sending out either a "goodbye" or "let's just be friends" signal.


I'm 100% backtracking on what I said before about Blondie. Sorry. I was wrong. I don't read every entry and I did not know Blondie was ill and undergoing testing. I've been thru that myself & it GREATLY changed the way I acted in social situations, because my mind was elsewhere as in: Who will take care of my Dad if I die or if I cannot even take care of myself? She might just be really stressed. ~Mary

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