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As always I need to stop myself and ask how I'm feeling and experience it. I'm sad about it not working out with Blondie. Also I'm trying to have acceptance about listening to actions more than words. While Blondie may say a lot a great things about us and our interactions, her actions while we are together say another story. This can be the insanity zone as the two realities collide. I tell you it's going to be hard to add her to my dating chart to see what was good and bad since many things were just "chemistry".

Phili admitted last night that she's very flighty which I pretty much knew. However I didn't know if she was nuts too. She has a good sense of humor as we talked last night. The weirdest thing is that all her dresses and shorts are really tiny. I mean she has the legs to work it, but I almost asked were her pom poms were last night.

I'm off dating again. Not that I have an end date to it, but I know I need some time again. In my head dating is not optional at the moment and that's never a good thing. Like I said the other day it's when I make bad choices. The good thing is that I know I caught a few women's attention yesterday when I was out. Also I thought Gym girl had given up on me, but she tries so hard to get eye contact with me when I hand my membership card over. She's just not my type.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Too bad about Blondie but at least you caught the signals early on!


Yeah, it can be insanity zone, but it's just the way dating is. In my experience men would rather be tortured than to just straight up tell the girl there is no chemistry. And as a female, I have to say that the same goes for us as well.

It doesn't seem like Blondie is trying to avoid you. I just get the feeling that she isn't completely into you. That she likes you, but is holding on until someone else comes along. That isn't nice. I am glad you're not continuing with her.


Yeah, maybe that's what I'm working on now too, Mike. Centering... and ending dating? Hmmm... maybe a good idea too.

Whattaya gonna do?

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