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Kissing Crow

As you all well know I celebrated not dating today. So what happens. A woman showed interest, things happened, and we agreed to meet for Starbucks Saturday. Yes I'm eating crow. I tell you how fast I go from being single to having a date bewilders me sometimes.

If I didn't have 2 reschedules tomorrow it would have been my most busiest day in the office. Even without it I think it ties. I offered half off new patient exams for this month if people didn't have insurance. I have 3 new patients tomorrow. So it might be a good thing to do every 3 months to increase business.

While I'm still very relaxed from my facial today. I'm having a hard time accepting myself. In that I mean the stuff used on me has a new scent that's not mine. It's almost like when you're with someone and there scent is on you. However it's just me so it's not computing in my brain.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

LOL so your face has "new car smell" from your facial? hehehehehehe!

Sometimes turning away business that you know will not see a payment from is the right thing to do. Otherwise you would work for free! EWWWWW

LOL Man w/ boobs! Really? that is funny!


I'm happy to read that business is picking up for you. You worked real hard for it, so now it's time to reap the rewards.

It's funny that when you decide not to date, it's like God or the universe has a way to trying to tempt you back into dating.

It has been my experience that just because you get dates, doesn't mean that you should throw yourself back in unless you feel totally ready.

Good luck out there in the dating jungle.

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