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Sane Friends

Comfort Zone

That's what I was out of tonight. The Diabetes Fundraiser I attended was not my usual normal activity. I expected it to be a more of a sit down thing, but the first 90 minutes was the silent auction. Where I just wandered through the rooms and joining halls looking at what was up for auction. The first few items that were up for bid were so high that I really felt out of my element. I had to take a few moment to go back outside to deal with it all.

I was surprised that through the night I met many people I knew as well as one of my patients who was volunteering. Also I knew a good amount of the people who had donated there services. I did bid on a gift certificate for the rock gym since I've wanted to go there since I dated a climber years ago. However in the last 30 seconds I was outbid and the lady just stood there. I was thinking of shoulder blocking her out of the way, but I thought that might seem a bit rude.

I tell you what men and women wear is so different. While all the men were dressed pretty casual. All the women were dressed up. There wasn't a casual dressed woman there.

Talking to a friend there we both agreed it's nice to live where we do. The reason being is people know us. It validates our existence in a way. I'm always amazed about how many people know me from something or another whether it be business or personally. This something that I never had happen in NY and I grew up there.

The live auction was fun to watch with many great prizes. The biggest being over $13k. A few people at our table grabbed 3 prizes and help donate about 6k to the charity.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Sounds like you had a nice time. Yes, women always tend to dress up for events like this. Enjoy the display of beauty every chance you get, my friend :)


PHXMan and I went to a regalla last month and it was SOOOO much fun!
Thank GAWD someone told me that it was a jeans and T-shitr event, b/c I would have worn black tie apparal for sure!

Sounds like y'all raised a fair amount of money for the cause!

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