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God I hate the morning after a time change. My ass drags to get out of bed. I wonder if people will sue this year since the New England Journal of Medicine study showed it caused heart attacks.
I haven't checked in a while, but reading the Dating Goddess this morning made me look myself up on Google this morning. Not that there is anything bad out there about me, but the last time I checked my blog came up #5 on the list. Like holy shit, how did that happen? I could go on a date, the woman could go home, Google me, and then read about our date. It was a little daunting, but I do this for myself no one else so I haven't changed anything. I was happy to see that my blog now appears on page 3 after a lot of crap. None of the women I've dated knew I had a blog and I would like to keep it that way. This is my journal to help keep me sane. If one of them did find it I probably tell them the same thing I told me ex when she would pull out my hand written journal. These are my private thoughts. If you want to read them go ahead, but I don't want any complaints since you are invading them.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm like you, I didn't want women I dated to know about my blog. But then I met a woman last week in a bar, and I felt compelled to tell her about my blog right away. Not sure why, I've never done that before. She checked out my blog, loved it, emailed me, and we had a rockin' date last night.


Well, it's public. And you use your name, so of course this would come up. But, you don't put the woman's name in there, and you don't usually out and out trash her (libel type stuff), so I think you're good to go:)

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