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Money ... It's a Crime

It seems money is the center of everything now a days. I hate having the talk with people about I'll be a few days late with your payment. Most people are okay with it when I tell them the circumstances, but leading with my financial weakness is not my strong point. I can talk about anything else with no problem.

I have to add my old massage therapist to the growing list of people screwing me out of money. She gave me a check for her rent that bounced. So with the service charge I'm out $50. She had called me and when I called back I never heard from her. I sent her a bill which still hasn't been paid. I'm starting to feel if everyone paid me what they owed me I'd be rich. I have to admit I've wrote off several thousand dollars over the years because of deadbeats.

The Model has set me up with many massage therapist to possibly rent the space. Since I only charge by the hour it's priced to move. I'm hoping to get someone who wants to grow there business since that would help me more.

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