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What Saturday Brings

I wonder if everything is hunky dory in Inverse's dating life? She took an interest in my life today which has been ignored for a week now. What's that sound? Is that the Jaw's theme song playing in the background? Only time will tell.

While I do take care of myself and the Model told me that there were no real problems with my skin which was nice to know. Some things just spring on me. One such thing is my hair. All of a sudden it needs to be cut. Actually I'm happy with what's on my head, but my neck is scruffy. So I'll stop by and see the Stylist before my date today.

My real reason to get my haircut is for the Diabetes function tonight. I'm feeling a little out of my league with this event since I know how much the tickets cost. From what I heard they're trying to fill seats. However I'm trying not to put the people there on a higher position than myself since that's not going to help me. The second problem with tonight is that I don't enjoy walking into a big room filled with people. I'm great one to one and small groups, but the more people I don't know the higher the anxiety.

Other than that it's a beautiful day out today. I stopped by and did my Mom's nails; got her some fresh air and sun. She was the same. It's funny how she'll talk to my brother on the phone better than she will with me.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

With Inverse being the headcase she is, I don't think she'll ever have a hunky dory dating life.

If she's still dating Mr. Lemon, I suspect she's simply being polite this time by asking you about your life.

I wonder if she'll try to get a piece of you before the landlord kicks her out.

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