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Sane Friends

Good Day Sunshine

We were promised sunshine today, but it's still hasn't happened. It's a damp, foggy mess. So I guess we can forgo the temps almost reaching 70. I guess we'll have to stay indoors tonight for the singles Happy Hour. They're not my thing, but most people like them and we get a good turnout for them. The Photographer tried one a few weeks ago and it failed so I'm doing my usual magic. I'm told the events that I don't attend are missing my energy.

I think Phili is starting the flirting with me. I got the fashion show of new pants she got for her waitress job and her flat stomach. Most women don't like there panties showing, but she didn't seem to mind. I also got enough compliments on the stuff in my room.

It's another slow day in the office which I don't like. I've spent the morning tracking down my money from insurance companies. The good thing was there was no problems, just them being very slow with the processing. Since all the insurance problems last year they've gotten in the habit of pushing the limits with holding payments.

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