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Sane Friends

Raindrops Keep Falling

Well in typical Virginia Beach fashion the beautiful sunny 70 degree whether quickly changed to rainy 40 degree weather. It sucked. However it did make for enjoying a hot beverage at Starbucks better. We had 3 newbies which were all female and the old members were us guys. I think that was why one of the guys came since it was a high concentration of women. Anyway it was a fun time. The girl sitting next to me had to keep stopping herself from reaching over and touching me. She was attractive although it took some getting use to her not being a blond. Her membership pics are all blond. She's a very physical woman which I like and a good sense of humor. So she's on my radar, but I do want to hold off on dating.

Phili never made it to game night. Actually she got home from the same time I did. She had went to see a play instead. We got to talk some during dinner. Phili has been divorced for 11 years although something doesn't add up. The story of a great guy, great marriage, to we divorced when there son was 6 is missing a mighty big chunk. So while I think Phili is attractive my gut knows there is something wrong here. There's some deep dark secret with her.

I do have this feeling that my dating sabbatical will be ending soon. However that feeling could be gone tomorrow.

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