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I don't know what I did recently, but I have been inundated by spam. I don't mean high class spam like fake Viagra and how to increase penis size. It's the Nigerians, Canadian, British etc. All with money being needed. Thrown in for good measure are tons of crap for sale, all my accounts need to be updated. Shit like that. I wish I knew what site I visited or what I signed up for that got my on this list so I can break some knee caps.

I spent a month or two a long time ago getting off all these lists and I've been pretty spam free. The problem with this new crap is there is no way to unsubscribe.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Unfortunately, I've just had my yahoo/hotmail accounts compromised by spam scam... NOT HAPPY! Why won't these people leave us alone!?!


You know, I've noticed A LOT of that lately myself too....must be an epidemic!


Hi Mike,
There's a lot of that Spam going around. I just ignore it.

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