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Sane Friends

Queen of the Castle

It was funny I was talking with my friend about our new tenant. I'll call her Phili since that's where she's from. He asked was she a dancer, stripper, etc? She's a normal person which may make it a problem. Inverse is crazy and that makes it pretty easy to blow off her advances. Temptation is there, but it's gone like smoke since the insanity can't be held in check for too long.

Inverse had been gone since she stayed at a hotel with her new bf over the weekend. However her face was classic when she saw that a new woman was in the house. She did a lot to catch my attention and even called me over to see the designs on her toe nails. Can a cat fight be far off?

Bathroom conflicts will be non-existent with Phili since she's up at 6 which I laughed at being a problem. However I don't know how loud she is so I'm not quite sure if her early rising will wake me up which would really suck. Time will tell.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

OMG, yeah, I can imagine Inverse isn't too happy about another female tenant. Especially if Philly starts flirting with you. Ooh, I hope Philly starts flirting with you, lol.

I sense a cat fight may be in the future. Let the claw sharpening begin.

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