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I enjoy Rachel Sara's blog and I'm presently reading her book. One thing that reading has brought to my attention is something I've heard most women say they do when they start dating a man. Will this person be my life mate? The interesting thing was that I didn't realize I did the same. I usually run the litmus test of can I see myself having sex with this person, however the life mate question is a little more subconscious.

When I went on my date with D Saturday I made sure not to let that question come up in my mind. I have to admit I was more calm and focused. Intellectually I know it's way too soon to even make that decision even though I know deep down that I would like to know right there and then. Staying to my new system I saw that there was enough for a second date, but my gut says friends only. However there is a small part of me that would like to push a little harder so that this is it. Not realistic I know, but as I get more in touch with my feelings I feel the ebb and flow of dates working and not working out. I have to admit I don't like it. It's healthier I know, but doesn't get high marks in my book as most feelings don't.

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