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A New Chapter Begins

So I'll nickname this girl D since nothing really pops out for me. I'm use to meeting a date at Starbucks, but D wanted to meet inside of a Barnes & Noble Starbucks which if you don't know is a totally different animal. All Starbucks stuff doesn't work at these which sucks. I did something with D that I never do. I looked at her face then at her breasts. She's not big, but her shirt was so low cut it just drew my eye. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.One of my strong points is I can listen to anyone. By that I mean I can get people to talk usually. D was almost embarrassed that she was talking so much. She said that she usually didn't know what to say, but I was so easy to talk to. D is a strange mix like me being German and Puerto Rican.

Usually I sit there and try to figure if there is enough chemistry for a relationship which puts a lot a pressure on the date. However I used what I learned in my business meeting this week. We had fun for the 2 hours we talked. I enjoyed my time and had enough information to want to do a second date. With talking she liked museums so we're going to get together Wednesday to go to the Chrysler Jazz & Wine event. I tell you I do so many first dates there it's strange. A museum? Who knew?

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Sounds promising ... "D" might just turn out to be an A+.


You are German and Puerto Rican ?
My friend is Austrian and Mexican and calls himself a Beanerschnitzel.

I am half Austrian, but no Latina blood. I do love the languate and culture. Hablas espanol ?


You sound like my friend D always checking out my breasts. LOL... Unlike your D, I am blessed. LOL

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