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Sane Friends

Boy What Big Eyes You Have

It seems I can't leave the house. I got back home today to find a new room mate moved into next to me. A woman in her late 30's who I would have a hard time turning down her advances like I would Inverse's. Once I know her better I can give her a nickname since she'll be here for a while.

Will someone please stop the rain. I'm tired of it. The weather shows another week of it with only one nice day in the middle. Ugh. The only good thing is that the weather will be warming up so hopefully this chilly dampness with disappear.

My Mom was at least eating soup today. Hopefully she ate the solid stuff after I left. The aides still say she's really picky.

I scheduled a game of Uno with the singles today to pass the rainy afternoon. It went well. Mostly older members, but we did have a newbie show up. Attractive and I think she liked me since I was the only one she asked questions about. So it seems I still have some choices date wise although I'm not going down that path right now.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Me thinks the landlord loves the pretty ladies.

I hope this chica isn't like Inverse.

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