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Sane Friends

Off the Wagon

Since I'm still not dating, flirting has taken it's place. L and I have chatted on Facebook on and off all night. I have no idea if she would want to get together. Although she does have a hard time saying no to sex. While the thought is tempting it's not the direction I want to go. However she is a very sexual creature so flirting is easy and fun.

Inverse got a date tonight with the guy she bought her truck from. We knew she wanted to get out after dinner as soon as possible. I didn't like how she exaggerated her daughter's demeanor to send her to bed early. We all knew she just wanted to leave early. I know the Landlord is happy she has wheels since he has been driving her around for the last few weeks.

Surprisingly the schools will be closed again tomorrow. Not from any snow, but from all the ice. Hopefully it won't affect any patients coming in. At least it will be the last of the deep freeze days. From Wednesday on the sun returns and the temperatures begin to rise.

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Maybe people will slip and slide all over the place and tweak their backs and you'll have even more clients. Perhaps they will be hot clients with which you can flirt...

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