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For What Ails You

Well Blondie joined us last night for the Funny Bone. It was a hilarious show. My cheeks were hurting from all the laughing. It was a little weird interacting with her since we haven't gone out yet, but we like each other. While she hates smoke like I do she's a bit of a drinker which raises an eyebrow. Our waiter got the bills all wrong so we had to figure it out. Since I don't drink I forget how much hard liquor is. Holy shit, Blondie had 2 drinks and it was like twenty something dollars. WTF? If I get a bill for twenty something just for me there had to have been a really thick steak in there somewhere.

Afterwards we all went over to Gordon Biersch for drinks. I kid you not, our waitress was shorter than Eric. She looked like she was 13 years old. It was freaking weird every time she came up to the booth. It was made worse that it was raised so all you would see is her head poking over the table.

Blondie and I are getting together later after I get off of work. It will be a record week with some to spare and a record Saturday. I'm staying an extra hour to make sure the record is broken so I have 2 extra visits. So far she's passed the litmus test if I would have sex with her. So communication will come next and we'll see what happens.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I am short and used to wear glasses. When I waitressed during college, I looked younger than I was. A couple once asked me if my parents knew I was working so late. Someone else mentioned child labor laws.

Passing the bangability test is an important thing. No point in dating someone if the chemistry isn't there. So I am happy for you there.

I hope you and her end up working out. Drinking a lot is a red flag, but I hope that isn't her normal pattern.

Good luck with work and dating.

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