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We All Need a Human Touch

Well after finishing up the record morning in the office that being busiest week and Saturday. I gave Blondie a call. She like me has many things going on at once and I had just caught her before she opened her new toy from Home Depot. She loves her power tools and creating and building stuff. Wow I could be in love here. Anyway we agreed on Starbucks so I suggested the fireplace one which she liked since she was cold.

I was thrown when she arrived since I was waiting for the men's room. I turned around and there she was. So I don't remember how I greeted her. Anyway we plopped down in front of the fireplace to warm up then after a while made ourselves comfortable on the couch.

During our date, a 78 year old lady kept stopping by to talk. She was cute, but at times a little bit of a pain with a first date.

We covered all the general topics and it was interesting how many things we had in common. The same amount of years dating and married to our exs. Both worked in the jewelry industry. I enjoy her North Carolina accent or redneck as she describes it. The whole date was a lot of fun, but I had to call it an end 4 1/2 hours later. Yes you read right. We were both floored that we had been talking that long. We also agreed it had been a lot of fun. So I asked her out for sushi during the week so we're going to try Wednesday. This happens to be a busy week for both of us so it may not happen.

The weird/interesting thing for me is physical touch. If a woman is touchy with me she gets extra stars. If there is none it takes away. For the last two nights at the events Blondie has been physical with me and even had to stop herself a few times. Today there was nothing. She even pulled back a few times if she accidentally touched me. Blondie seemed okay if I touched her when we were joking. So I don't know what to make of it. However I was happy I asked her out.

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This is the first date that I am reading about that I sense real chemistry. I never really got that from the other dates you wrote about. Maybe I am wrong, but that is my gut feel.

I hope she works out for you.


She could be the one. Power tools AND physical touch...wow!

I'm not sure what to make of the last part of this post. Maybe she didn't want to come across too strong or is trying to see whether you are into her as well.

It's all good, I think. It SOUNDS good anyway.


Hi Mike,
Blondie sounds promising ... good luck!


Maybe she'd realized that she'd been "touchy" with you and later thought you might not like so much touchng and decided to curb it and see if you would do the touching.So, maybe it was "forced" non touching on her part.

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