Going Sane in a Crazy World

My journey through life and the lessons I learn to help me grow spiritually.

Sane Friends

Change in Plans

Facebook girl and I usually flirt online. It's never normal talk. So it was interesting to sit today and talk. Child rearing, family, work, etc. It was nice to see her in a different light. So I'll give it a little more time. I'm not quite sure what the shelf life on the relationship is. I know it's not a long one, but there is more here to develop.

Handcuffs were not brought to Starbucks. Sorry everyone. However we are going out tonight. The main party will be at her brothers, but we need to go to one party before hand that her BF is at. The person running the party owns a few sex shops in the area. So I was assured that handcuff, whip, etc. would be in supply tonight. This could be a freaky New Year. Hey you'll get great stories though. The guy has a tent over his pool which he has somehow superheated. Hey it's suppose to be 20 degrees with 40 mph winds. I don't you could do anything to get me in there.

Happy and Safe New Year Everyone!

2008 Dating Round Up

The other day, okay it was yesterday, I commented on how I've noticed changes in myself business wise. Well today I'm reflecting on dating this year since it was a big year for me.
Law girl started it out for me. She was the first "normal" woman I ever dated. While our chemistry level wasn't super it was a real kick being with someone who was "normal". No dram, problems, etc. It was very weird and totally virgin territory for me. On the other hand she strung me along for a while since I was such a nice guy that she waned. However guilt finally got the best of her and we broke up since she knew it wasn't fair to me to tie me down to someone that was not going to deepen the relationship with. I should of learned then to require chemistry.

The Planner was next and my longest relationship besides my ex. She will always have a special place in my heart since there was so much I liked about her: the goal setting, her physical side, silliness, looks, etc. However there was always some strong issues on the opposite side. The biggest was always the sleeping arrangement. She never wanted to sleep in the same bed together which was always a deal breaker for me and she knew it. I don't do Lucy and Ricky. The other was her controlling attitude. However I got more of my sexual mojo back with her and saw again how long term relationships really are great with how they grow.

The Photographer was a surprise for me. I knew she was a chaos type girl, but I never thought I would feel as attracted to her as I did once we dated. What I had knocked back into me was that when you date chaos there's always problems. While I wouldn't date her I would probably have sex with her for some reason.

Tech girl taught me firmly that a spark is needed to make things work. Also she was the first women for me to break up with since my marriage.

There were a lot of screwed up women mixed in there that never really got off the ground. Like Army girl who was so drunk the night I met she didn't remember me or our conversation. I didn't even think she was that drunk. There was Red who said she was separated, but then introduced me to her husband. The Florist with her bizarre home life and arrangements. Lastly the VP who was emailing me pornographic pictures of her after 3 minutes on the phone.

It was a very good year.

Fly Be Free

I think I will be turning Facebook girl loose today. She's too much of a candy wrapper for me. The more we talk the more the differences pop up. I'm happy just to joke around on Facebook. The major difference between us is where our happiness comes from. She's looking for it out there someplace and I'm looking for it inside. Anyway she suggested Starbucks again today which will be rough for me since I need some change to build on. However I'm suppose to be bringing a feather duster and she's bringing the handcuffs so we'll see what happens.

Tech girl at the last moment RSVP'd to come to movie night and see Body of Lies with the singles. It was a little awkward, but I knew I would be okay. She was cool and I'm not quite sure why she came. The funny thing is that she'll be staying at the Photographer's place tonight after another group's party. Now that's going to be interesting.

Hi Mom

After much musing I realized what is different with Facebook girl. All the women I've ever dated I would have no problem taking home to meet my Mom as the old saying goes. That's not the case with Facebook girl. The golden tan in deep winter, the loud make up, the outfits. So it's a different world I'm exploring. I'm enjoying the ride at the moment and I think their is an extra heady feel since she initiated everything. So I'll spend sometime with the party girl and see what happens. She emailed me her cell number yesterday after our date. From the updates I got she had a fun time with her family last night for her birthday.

As most people are reflective at the end of the year I found myself looking at myself this morning at my business meeting. I had to do an educational presentation for the group and I couldn't believe how different I felt from what I use to feel. While I'm no stranger to public speaking I have learned how to work a room and feel more solid. So I was happy.

Who the Hell is Robin Lalande?

For the last several months, say 6. I've gotten emails from these Classmates or Reunion .com sites saying that Robin Lalande is looking for me. Who the hell is this person? I figured it was crap when I use to get it in my business email. Then I got one today in my personal email box. Now that was interesting. The only Robin I knew was a girl who I had a crush on in middle school. I asked her out and she turned me down. For some reason the crush stayed for a few years probably because I was nuts. Her last name was not Lalande.

So I did what any sane person would do. I looked the name up on Google. There was a big hit for someone on Facebook. Hey I should of thought of that. Anyway it's some singer in Canada. Okay? Nothing else was dead on. I guess it will be a unsolved mystery since I'm not forking the money over to see that this person is looking for me turn out to be a sham to get my money. If the person is really looking for me they can easily find my number if they found my email address.

Post Date Report

Well Facebook girl was at Starbucks when I got there. She was wearing an outfit she had on in one of her pictures and she pretty much looked the same. I was just wondering how long her hair would be. We grabbed some drinks and sat down to chat. NY'ers converse easily and I enjoyed that with her. I can't say I had super attraction nor was I bored so I figured I was right where I should be. My one concern was that in most of her pictures her cleavage is hanging out and it didn't disappoint today. However I was good and never dropped past her lips. Okay I grabbed a gander when she turned her head. My biggest concern with her is she's a tanning junkie and her skin is starting to show the symptoms of it.

Anyway I only had an hour so I asked if she wanted to get together again. She agreed. We talked about next weekend, but we may do New Year's Eve is she doesn't have her daughter. As I started this with nothing to lose. I'll continue to see if their is anything here. I have to admit she is different from any other woman I've dated before. I don't know how to describe it, but she is.

Afterwards I got treated at OVDC's who nicknamed me "Romeo" since I never seem to have any problem getting dates, unlike other people she knows. She had a good laugh with it.

Major Tom to Ground Control

Well Facebook girl emailed me to confirm our 2 o'clock Starbucks. I have to admit I'm a bit anxious which surprises me since 72 hours ago I didn't even know this woman. I guess what's getting me is I don't know what to expect which brings up issues of my Mom and you never know how she would be when she came home. Most of the time she was great, but that one in ten that she was a wailing machine. So I can get these anxious moments when I'm not quite sure what to expect from a woman. Ah feels better to talk/journal about it.

Like I said yesterday I'm not expecting much. Besides being a fellow transported NY'er and a single parent I don't know much about her. She flirts well, but that only lasts so long. I'm going to OVDC afterwards to get treated so when I get back to the office I'll let you know how it went.

I have to agree with Senorita about Tech girl's email. I had hoped that it meant she had moved on, but I doubt it. It's why I wanted to end it when I did since I knew she was attaching to me really fast.

Well Dress Me Up & Call Me Sally

Facebook girl asked me to meet her for Starbucks tomorrow. I figured when she said no Friday we would just be talking online with some flirting thrown it for good measure. I had chalked her up to just a fun online friend that would never pan out. Well I have to admit she has initiated everything. Hopefully she doesn't leap across the table onto me. I have to admit I'm not expecting much. The weird thing is it's her birthday, but that's actually why she has time since she's off. I sent her a birthday card on Facebook and gave her a Christmas goose a few days late. What can I say it's the romantic in me.

Another woman was flirting with me, looking for a guy for a nice woman. However she's on the peninsula in the Planner and Tech girl's neck of the woods so no thank you. Also she just broke up from her cheating BF. I don't think so not even for rebound sex. Is it the holiday season? Am I in season? Are there posters of me tacked around town?

Speaking about Tech girl, she emailed me back today thanking me for the contractor information and hoping I had a good Christmas. It took her a little over a week, but I knew she was becoming really attached to me. Hopefully we can still be friends. She finally RSVP'd for an event although it was one that I said "no" to. Whether that played into it or not I'm not quite sure.

Hi from the Beach

I'm not quite sure how it is by you, but it's 75 and sunny here. I'm still getting all the sand off me from my walk on the boardwalk and beach. The singles and I went to the Contemporary Art Museum today. I've passed it so many times in the last 5 years and always say I should stop. So I made it an event to do so. It was interesting. While modern art isn't my favorite it was a nice place. They needed at least 1 more exhibit hall to make it worth it though. Since we were finished with it so fast I suggested the walk on the boardwalk.

Facebook girl contacted me again yesterday. I didn't think I would hear back from her. However throughout the day we would chat. Last night we flirted a lot which was fun. I doubt if I will ever date her, but who knows. However as dating usually brings things up in me. This brings up a reoccurring problem. Women who are interested in me before I'm interested in them. Yes I know I'm nuts. However this creates an attraction in me for that woman whether I want it or not. I guess it hits that part of me that is still damaged that says I'm unlovable or something. So when I meet that attraction I become like a moth to the flame. Just like Gym girl who was eyeballing me yesterday. She's too young for me and there's nothing there for me to connect to. However I know she's interested in me.

So back to the problem at hand. I really haven't found a way to deal with this yet. Saying I'm grateful that she likes me just feeds into the whole unlovable angle. I tell you it's a nice high from it, but I would like to be able to keep my wits about me. I become very reactionary which I don't like. I like making conscious choices.

Well the nakedness has to come to an end. My landlord should be back today or in the next few. So back to closing doors and no more clothes optional. Oh well. The good thing is that we're running out of food.

Tonight the singles and I are off to the Funny Bone for more comedy. Till then I'm going to try and figure out Facebook. Stop by if you like.

'Ere We Go Again

I think I'm not meant to get out of the dating pool. A few years ago German girl contacted me on MySpace. Because of summer schedules with Eric and her vacation we never got to connect for a while. So when there was no chemistry, we had been communicating so long we stayed friends. I have to admit we stay in better contact then most of my friends.

Anyway my friends have talked me into Facebook. I really don't get these sites. I only keep my MySpace page for free Funnybone tickets. Anyway I do keep in contact with a few people on Facebook. So when I got an invite to be some one's friend I figured it's like the 20 different sex ones I get with MySpace. However it's a woman from NY. I don't see the harm so I say yes. These leads to a bunch of conversing and some flirting. One thing I don't do it this for a long time. So I asked her out for Starbucks tomorrow. She said tomorrow wasn't good, but another time. I told her let me know when she was available and left it at that. Nothing lost. If we ever go out I'll give her a nickname. And I thought I would be single for a while.

Christmas Dinner

I arrived early to give Ms. C a hand. Since it was her house and she was doing all the cooking it was the least I could do. So I helped her set up and move furniture around. We had 10 people total and I was the second youngest. Everyone was from a meetup group and 70% of them were in hiking group so that was the dominating conversation. It also was a theme in some of the presents. A bendy flashlight, zero degree socks, and some super soap that makes you tingle all over, but just don't get it in your eyes. The conversation was good and so was the food. It was interesting talking to a different group of people. The majority of the them had been in their careers a long time and had done interesting things in their life. One day I hope to be there.

Christmas Day

I tell you I could get use to these mornings sleeping in. I know after a while I'd get tired of it, but right now it's great. It's been about 2 weeks now of living on my own and since I accepted that I don't like eating dinner alone I've been doing good. I almost miss having my own place. Well it is a goal for 2009. I just need to pay off some more debt and make get the office more balanced.

I've been wondering with the Nerf gun debate with my ex what would happen for Christmas. Would Eric get my package or would she up the ante on her end to make it look insignificant. Well I talked to Eric this morning and he was too distracted playing Nintendo DS. He gave me the general list of what he got, but the excitement wasn't in his voice. I know that voice. He's too absorbed in the game to interact. It's one of the reasons I never buy him one. I let him play with the gameboy I have when we get together to pass the driving time. However I set limits on when and where he plays it. Since he could really crawl into the game. He said he got my stuff, but nothing else. So the next conversation I'll ask specific questions.

Today was one of those days my Mom was not really recognizing me. I did her nails and made the calls. At times I was a little sad not to go up and see my brother and family for Christmas. I could take the China Town express bus for $40 round trip and have them pick me up. However they are all sick so it was good planning on my end.

Now I'm camping out at Starbucks relaxing. Actually it took a while since a couple arrived with there demon spawn. Their kids are screaming like banshees and all they are doing if anything is telling them to eat their snacks.

Senorita knows me too well. Yes I would like to date the Photographer again. The connection is very strong, whether that's good or bad I don't know. However unless she said or did something to show me some change or remorse to her actions it would be bad for me. It would be agreeing that I'm okay with abusing me and that would be a shot right to my self esteem that I don't need. For the record I suggested the card game.

What Freakin' Day is It?

Yeah it's only taken me about 5 hours to realize that it's Wednesday and not Friday. I was really starting to wonder why certain things weren't happening. Oh well mystery solved all because of those damn kids.

As predicted it's in the 60's here today and very nice. I can wear a Santa hat to keep me comfortably warm with no need for a jacket. As usual the stores are crowded as people start shopping. I was talking to someone yesterday that hadn't started for his family or GF. Sorry pal I can't do business with you if your personal relations like this suffer. I have to admit I love my area. You know it's good when you can walk into a store on Christmas eve and even though there are crowds it's not a madhouse.

I tell you I awoke anxious today about making holiday phone calls. I have no idea why since I can't think of one bad reason. However it feels like moving bags of wet cement. I did a bunch this morning, all to good results. Everyone liked my Christmas card.

Never Again

Okay I need some spark when I'm dating someone. I had game night with the singles tonight. The Photographer was there and dressed professional for work. She looked hot and sexy. Even though she did me wrong I still felt an attraction, not saying I would go back out with her. However I could still feel that strong connection to her. Everyone cut out early so we ended up playing a few hands of Flux. After spending 30 minutes with her I realized I need to feel this way with any woman I date. Wow what a difference from being with Tech girl. It was a nice reminder.

Oye what a cold night here. I think the change of weather is making it feel more bitter. Happy to say it will be gone tomorrow as we shoot back up to the 60's.

Well I went through my 3 boxes of books and took out what I like and the rest I'll try to sell on Half.com. Amazon just has too many charges for me when you're not making that much each sale.

One more day till Christmas and a whole lot of phone calls still to make.

Is it Hot in Here?

I ended up being on the road a lot today. All my appointments were in the morning today. I had my day planned out with calls, gym, library, singles, etc. Well I joined Freecycle over the weekend. It's a free organization that works to prevent excess stuff in landfills. Pretty much people are always getting rid of stuff. Sometimes they bring it to the thrift store, but mostly they toss it out. With Freecycle you just post it and if someone wants it they come and pick it up for free. I learned about it from one of my patients. So this morning that had a bunch of business and marketing books to give away. When I emailed the lady had waited too long since the movers were there already. So after my last meeting I ran down to the southern part of the city. It's a beautiful day for a drive. While it's in the 40's the sun is bright and strong. Mapquest took me through a new part which ended up being horse country. Hey, who knew? Anyway it turned out to be 3 boxes and looks like some really good stuff.

Anyway since I was down there I hit Panchero's on the way back for a burrito bowl and a full tummy. Since no one seems to have Two and a Half Men on sale I ended up getting myself Seinfeld season 8 for Christmas.

Since I needed to make a bunch of holiday calls I decided to abandon my office for Starbucks. Even though I would be here again tonight I needed to get out and into the world. People seem pleasantly surprised by the call. For me they aren't getting any easier. I had to take a break since I was about to break into a sweat. This is probably hitting a low self esteem issue, but phone calls are rough although personal ones seem to work out great. This is like dating. Rejection in the dating world doesn't even make me blink, but in the business world I take the rejection to heart.

Those Last Minute Items

Wandering around today between patients I found items for those hard to buy for people on your list or everything else is sold out and you're desperate.
If you'd rather enhance what you've got instead of covering it up, you might like to try Rodial Skincare. This topical formula has pomegranate ellagic tannin and myrrh resin to naturally increase your bust and decolletage. It might sound too good to be true, but you really can increase by a cup size.
Subtle-Butt is another rear-themed product whose name produces giggles. However, these disposable deodorizers really do eliminate gas smells with their antimicrobial carbon technology. Just attach Subtle-Butt into your underwear and go ahead and pass gas and you won't be able to smell a thing. It's great for use in crowds or after a particularly gassy meal.
Have a little problem with monkey butt? Why not try Anti-Monkey Butt Powder? This powder helps keep a certain region dry and smelling fresh. Whether you ride motorcycles or horses, play sports, or just sit on your butt all day, sweat and friction can cause uncomfortable problems. With Anti-Monkey Butt Powder's long lasting protection, you'll never have to worry about that again!

The Coffee Date

I truly had to laugh. Online one of the ways women can save on food is to go to dinner with guys on dates. Like MK lady stated one day, "single girl's gotta eat". LOL. While I know this practice goes on to see it recommended was interesting. For the guys it said eat at your grandmother or aunt's place. Hey at least it would be free and you would still get the kiss on the cheek at the end of the night.

Friends were talking about how they run guys through this whole system to see if they are worth dating. I was pretty surprised since I've found that everything on the phone, email, text, smoke signals, etc before the date is pretty meaningless. Maybe it's my assertive nature, but I push for that coffee date ASAP. For me that 15 minutes over a hot cup of Starbucks will tell me everything I need to know if there is going to be a second date. The bill is already paid if some pre-scheduled event is remembered by either party. Ladies you can already see if he's cheap if he's not springing for your cup of java.

Guys Night Out

Belly dancing went better than I thought. A few extra brave souls made it. Again it was a guys night out even though women say they want to see it. All and all it was 4 of us. We had fun. I thought they would have 3 dancers like last time, but one woman disappeared and they only had two. The show was still very good. The funny point was when the second dancer was doing her sword dance. While balancing it, she went down. It was slow motion and she didn't drop the sword. So kudos to her.

The great thing about the event is it's still happy hour so its .35 wings which were yummy. One of the guys who admitted that he doesn't get out much made a comment about the waitstaff outfits. I told them they work for tips so showing skin goes with the territory. I remember when I use to salsa and go to the clubs. I never knew how the bartenders and waitstaff kept their breasts in what someone might call a shirt.

Yes to all that asked that was a picture of my niece.

Checking My List

Getting ready for a lot of phone calls this week. In my new attitude of increasing my relationships with my patients I want to call everyone to wish them a Merry Christmas. That's one good thing about living in the bible belt. 99% of everyone is christian.

My birthday balloon deliveries have been met with a great reception. The phone calls have gone well to. People are pleasantly surprised especially on the weekends.

New patient calls have been met with mixed receptions. Nothing bad so far I think people just don't know how to react to having their doctor call them to see how they are doing and if they have any questions.

I decided to drop my 2 and 6 month postcards reminders in lieu of a phone call. I figured it was much more personable and cheaper too. In this economic times what I can do to decrease my bottom line while increasing the relation with my patients is a good thing.

Tomorrow I need to talk to one of my strategic partners. We're having a client appreciation dance next month. For some reason he accepted that we would pay the teacher $55/hr. I'm not okay with this. We're going to be bring him like 20-30 people that he could sign up for lessons which could be a gold mine for him. So I'm going to tell my friend to tell the instructor I'm the bad guy and want it for free or we'll take it else where. Any other time I've done this with others we've done it for free since we are both benefiting from it.

Doctor's Rant

I haven't talked to my brother for a few weeks so I called to see what was going on in there neck of the woods. Like everyone they are struggling to make the same amount they were making. As business owners it's hard life right now. Anyway my niece has been sick, nothing major just the bug that is going around. The scary thing is that the school nurse checked her hearing and she couldn't hear out her right ear. She was rechecked a week later and the problem is still there. Taking her to her pediatrician she has fluid in her ears. He wasn't concerned and said it would clear up in a few weeks. WTF! She hasn't been able to hear for 3 weeks. To have so much fluid in your ear that you can't hear anything is BAD. Also diseased fluid eats bone. My brother asked my opinion and I gave him some home remedies, but suggested a trip to an ENT. I hate doctor's that tell you not to worry. While I don't condone scaring people. Letting them know the severity of a condition, plus in my opinion blowing them off really pisses me off.

On other news I went over to Panchero's today to use some of my gift card. It's in the southern part of the city which is 30 minutes from me so it's a special run. I never have to go down there which is good. I was really surprised. I got their burrito bowl and it was yummy.

Message From Rip Van Winkle

Well out of 15 hours I slept 12 of them and I feel good. The change in my schedule over the last 2 weeks, early morning meetings, and late nights with Tech girl wore me down. So it was good to sleep the sleep of the dead last night. I feel like a new person. One thing that was interesting when I woke up before falling back to sleep was that I missed the Planner. It made me feel better about my decision with Tech girl. It reminded me of the connection I've had with other women and what it felt like.

It's a mad, mad world out there as many people hurry scurry for presents for the holidays. Most people I talk to say they wait this long for great sales, but I have to admit I'm not seeing them in the papers. Even Circuit City which is closing after Christmas still has nothing to write home about while Best Buy is stating they can't match their prices. What BS.

Tonight is belly dancing with the singles. Many people have backed out until it is just me and another guy who is a big no show. I had fun last time so I'll probably go myself, but it would be nice to enjoy the show with someone else.


I finally got some very, very late payment from the insurance companies this week. I was so happy to have a sizable sum of money. Then in 24 hours it was gone. I looked stunned at my accounting software. All my late bills were paid which I should be happy about, but I was left with nothing. And that is all I see is nothing. Even though this was a lot better year than last since I didn't have to work a second job. I'm still living hand to mouth mostly. My large amounts of debt aren't getting any smaller and I have to admit I'm very tired of it today. Everyone wants money and there's not enough to go around.

My way of doing business is considered heretical in my profession, but my patients like it. However it's a slow way to make money. As a chiropractor the marketing people will tell you if you see a patient for only 12 visits of less you are barely making it. I see them at the most 8 before hopefully maintenance. Let me tell you they speak the truth. I've always been torn between the immense treatment plans and the way I treat. I can sleep well treating the way I do since I know I'm not over treating people to fill my pockets. However my pockets are staying empty which isn't helping me. Over the last 6 months I've gotten lax on prescribing 8 treatments, but I need to suck it up. The reason I picked that number it was the amount I needed to teach the patient everything they needed to take care of themselves. I need to stick to my guns more.

More Dating Beliefs

Since I'm talking about dating beliefs here's another one. I'm a big boundaries guy. I want the person I'm dating to be my equal or at we complement each other. I've carried too many people in my life and I just don't do it anymore. One thing I recently realize I do to give me an indicator of the shelf life of the relationship is the 2nd date boob touch. When I think back I've been doing this a long time. Anyway kissing on the second date is usually more passionate than the first. I will be touching your breast during that time. The women that I've gone on to date for a while have stopped me and told me they need to take it slow which is usually funny since they usually are initiating sex next date. Anyway back to my point. With the women that don't stop me, the relationship doesn't last long. Like Tech girl we ended up naked in her bed.

For me both people are authors writing the story of our relationship. If we both can lean on each other we're stronger and we continue to grow. If one side is weak we start to lean over until we break.

Dating & Money

Janice asked if I could expound on fairness in my dating world. I though I had talked about this before than I realized I've only commented on it on every one elses blogs. Usually the person who ask pays is generally accepted out there. I'm always asking out so I always pay on the first date. I do like when a woman offers to pay. If I like her and she offers I'll say she can pay next time so she knows I'm interested.

The official ruling on paying that I've read is 3:1. The man pays 3 times for every once the woman pays. I don't really keep tabs. The fairness of dating is a mindset that really comes across fast. Will the women drive to see me, offer to pay or make dinner for me. I've dated shortly, women that have stated that they expected me to pay for everything. That just flies in the face of equality of both parties.

L was very tab oriented in a weird good way. She always wanted to keep it very equal. What was really weird is I met a taller clone of her Wednesday. I saw the woman sitting at the meeting and I had to take a triple take. I didn't think it was her, but definitely knew it when she stood up and showed that she was an Amazon.

The most interesting thing I ever heard was from a bunch of women from the singles group. They said if a woman doesn't start chipping in by the third date with paying or driving they said dump her. I remember being very surprised hearing this from a group of women. It's also what made me date the Planner and her being a distance. I tell you I'm really going to try and find a woman on the south side next time. This 50 minute to see each other sucks. Even though we only went on a few dates. It was awesome to drive the 10 minutes to see the Photographer.

So what's your beliefs on paying with dating?

Fun with Goals

People that know me, know that I love reading body language especially when I'm dating. However even in normal situations it's funny to watch and in this holiday festivities it keeps me occupied. While I don't enjoy people watching since I'd rather be a part of instead of apart from. Anyway one of the best things I enjoy watching about women is the hair flip. Something very feminine and something all women do. However women that are happily married and not interested do it with the back of their hand to you. To either show you a ring or hand that could become a fist. While interested women will always show you there palm in a show of surrender. Whether this works with women to women I have no idea.

I have no idea what guy language looks like although if you ladies what to know if a guy is interested. If a guy has a spark for you he will usually drop his pants and tell you to touch it. Hey we're simple creatures.

It was very nice of one of my patients to give me a present for Christmas. It's a Winner's Journal. It combines a normal planner with your goals so you can reach them. It has step to step instructions on setting them and attaining them. Since I'm really big into that right now it fits perfect. So I set my business goals which is been done a lot over the last month. It also made me set goals in my family/friend, health, community, and spirituality areas. With having closed the chapter on Tech girl I finished her up on my dating chart. Tallying everything up I was able to state my top five characteristics I want in a GF. They are:

  1. Athletic
  2. Physical
  3. Assertive
  4. Communicative
  5. Fair (paying, driving, etc.)

These were the items I enjoyed the most and were throughout my dating history since my divorce. Now I just need to cut it out and see who fits the mold.

Another Chapter Closes

"Untruth, in whatever form, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, disconnects us from the transcendent integrity the universe embodies and insist upon. Thus when we step out of truth, we step out of love." - Kingma

This was the first paragraph in my daily reader this morning. It was perfect for me. I awoke feeling great today which has been a change from the last few days. The living a lie with Tech girl was wearing on me. Also being the dumper is a totally different feel from being the dumpee.

On to new business. I have an ass to kick. I had a new patient supposedly coming in this morning at 8. I awoke early, skipped the gym, and no new patient. I'm going to have to track him down and kick his ass in his own kitchen. I could have slept.

The Deed is Done

Well I have to admit I was nervous about breaking up with Tech girl, but it went over well. I think she was sad about it to. I could hear it in her voice, but we talked it out. She wasn't fully sure about us yet and was still deciding, but we both agreed we enjoyed the friendship. So that was good. She thanked me for my honesty which I knew was big for her and for me to.

Since I'm now free for the holiday I'll join the other singles at our Christmas dinner. Speaking of parties my business group party tonight was a lot of fun. I got there late due to patients. Times are tough and I'm not about to give away new patients. MK lady brought her daughter and Paper boy brought his twins. All the kids are getting bigger and were a big hit at the party. I'm beat tonight and I have an 8 o'clock patient so I feel like I'm on a treadmill, but at least people are coming in which is huge.

On My Plate

Having a little bit of a rough time with waiting the 2 weeks with Tech girl. My thought pattern is that we've only been going out 2 weeks. Now to wait till the holidays are over is another 2 weeks. I think that going out a full month would be worse plus I feel I'm lying to her every time we interact which I think is the worse. Hey I don't want to end the relationship now cause I don't think you can handle it. No offense, but that would be the bottom line reason. Anyone I've ever know has been pissed beyond anything for this reason. Not saying I would say this. So I'm going to end it tonight. I have some anxiety about this since it's the first woman I've ended a relationship with. I've done many after first date conversations, but never after a few dates.

I no longer have to deal with paying my Mom's nursing home bill since they will get her check direct. One less problem to deal with.

I was hoping to break a record today with patients, but as usual people rescheduled and it didn't happen. The good thing is that many people are calling to come in which is much needed.

It's Christmas party day. I had one this morning and the next tonight. I have another tomorrow night, but I'm not quite sure if I'll go. How did all this happen?

A Better View

I spent the evening with Tech girl. We had deviled eggs and played Outburst while listening to jazz. Afterwards we laid on the couch and relaxed until she was starting to fall asleep. It was an hour earlier than I had planned, but it would be better for me to get home early.

Anyway while sitting on the couch with her I saw what I like about Tech girl. We play well together although she is no where as silly as I am. Hey I did a victory lap for winning the game. On the flip side I saw what stops me from bonding. Most of what Tech girl talks about is negative experiences with people. I'm happy to hear about her difficulties, but there is no balance of good stuff. The other thing is that trying to talk half the time is like trying to walk across a busy street. She keeps going on with stuff that I would like to share or comment on and I can't get a word in edge wise.

I'm happy to say that it's not enough to make me miserable, but I'll be happy when the holidays are over. I hate to be that way since I don't like to rush my life.

I may have to make some comments on her ways. Constructive of course. Since I think this may start to wear thin.

You Know ...

You know I love having phone conversations with people I have no fuckin' clue who they are. They seem to know me, but the slipped their name in under my radar that I couldn't hear it. I knew it wasn't a patient pretty fast so my stop watch is now a ticking since my time isn't free. Still have no clue who it was, but he's emailing me something about some event. What I did catch is that it was 3 hours long. I don't think a lap dance is going to keep me occupied for 3 hours so I most likely will be busy that night.

Other than that I was very happy to have a successful hour on the phone. Got a new patient, money, new insurance for patients, and a meeting with a orthopedic surgeon. So I'm flying pretty high right now. I think I might have to go celebrate at Wendy's. Need my strength for tonight.

On the line of insurance I'm going to look into new health insurance for myself. Mine is expensive for the $5k deductible I have. Since in my area there really is only one health care system. Anyone else is barely a blip on the radar. Now that might not mean much, but they also own there own health insurance company. Pretty sweet, we just pay ourselves. So my hope is to get something cheaper that I can use better.

Sexual Bonding

While my relationship probably won't last with Tech girl. I had decided to make a decision once the holidays were over since this not the time of year to break up. While we may not be bonding on other issues we seem to be bonding over sex. While I enjoy sex probably more than the next person I in no way want it to be the only factor in my relationship. Even 20 years ago I didn't want that, but their was a greater chance of me accepting it. Nowadays sex seems easier to get while I'm dating. I had a relationship with the Latina that was all sex and nothing else. While fun it really loses it shine fast with me since I really enjoy the relationship. I know I'm not the normal guy and I accepted that fact a long time ago.
Anyway Tech girl blushes pretty easily if I say something sexy which is interesting because when we're in bed it's a different story. So we started at massage lotion and are up to handcuffs and whip cream. It's her ante and I wonder what it'll be.

Dating & Other Stuff

I think Senorita may be right. While I enjoy my time with Tech girl I still don't feel any deep connection to her. I enjoy seeing her, but if we didn't see each other anymore I would be okay with it. So I'm in a quandary with her. I'm finding there has to be some kind of spark there for me. Whether that's healthy or not I don't know, but I need something more. It's like CPA girl again. We had values and beliefs in common, but it's not enough to build on. So with Tech girl I'll give it another date or two to be certain, but I'm not hopeful. I know myself when that corner turns it's a done thing. In the few weeks that we've been dating I've met or seen women that sparks have been there. The big thing is that this would be the first woman I've broken up with since I split from my ex. Since then I've always been the dumpee.

I finished my first insurance interview today. It's where they go over your profile for the year. They gather all the information of you from how you bill and compare it to everyone else. As it stands now I have a lot of good stuff, but they didn't like how I did exams or physical therapy. Bottom line. You're billing too much for these and if you continue you'll be flagged as a problem.

On Farting

I guess I worded it wrong. I didn't fart all night with Tech girl. That's why I felt it the next morning.

I found this on Match.com magazine. A questionnaire to see if your date is relationship worthy.

And how do you figure out if a prospective mate’s character is up for it? Answer the following questions honestly, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time by avoiding the wrong partner.
  • Is your date kind, respectful and appropriately generous to waiters/waitresses, bus drivers, sales clerks, etc.?
  • Has he or she confessed to any immoral behavior: Cheating, stealing, lying, inappropriate aggression? If so, how much reflection on this and desire to change has this person shown since then?
  • Does the person you’re dating have any addictions: Drinking, gambling, shopping? Does he or she want to change—and is he or she working to make change happen?
  • Does he or she have a lot of lasting friendships or hardly any?
  • Does your date always tell stories about bad dynamics he or she experiences with other people? Or does he or she seem to get along easily, even swimmingly, with others?
  • Does your sweetie comment on news stories with a sense of empathy and awareness, or is he or she low on expressing compassion for all that is going on in this world?
  • Have you witnessed your date doing small acts of kindness (leaving a very big tip for no apparent reason, helping someone with his or her shopping bags)?
  • Does this person donate time, money and energy to good causes or charities?
  • Does your date value self-growth—and show this by being open to hearing your grievances, accepting responsibility for problems when merited, and sharing with you how much he or she values learning lessons in life?
  • Does he or she truly value open communication and know how to listen? When you’re upset or need nurturing, does this person deal with the problem at the speed of life or shut down/stonewall/attack/condescend? A relationship will survive not based on how well you get along but by how well you don’t get along. A couple is only as strong as how well the two individuals can deal with their weakest moments together.

Now that you know these 10 key criteria, you can focus on dating people with true keeper potential—those who, if you invest in them, will pay you back with a lifetime of rock-solid love.

Feeling My Age

The weekend with Tech girl left me feeling my age. Sex, 3 times in 12 hours has become rough for me. I'm more accepting of it than I was 2 years ago when I was dating L. That's when I first started seeing changes in my sex life. Although I have to admit each woman I date has a very different level of sex drive. So what I'm use to is low while Tech girl's is high. Hopefully like sports I can work back up. However this is where the bells & whistles plays in for me. While love is slow and enjoying the ride. Lust is up against the wall passion that is low here. So again it's virgin territory. I'm use to having more lust at this point and I don't have it to work with.

Dropped off another birthday balloon today for a patient, but the office has several of my patients there. They made the comment that I'm better than most husbands and boyfriends. Hopefully I won't be cornered somewhere by some spouse that forgot.

Like a Virgin

I was reading one of my books on love this week. It said that when you find something great that there won't be any bells & whistles, but instead a quiet peaceful calm. Whether this is what I have with Tech girl I don't know, but let me tell you it's different. I'm use to having all these feelings to surf on and carry me along. However when I say that it brings up bad stuff. Before I started down this spiritual path 8 years ago I loved having the strong feelings just carry me along since I never had to take any responsibility for anything. Things just happened in my mind. Now everything is a conscious choice with Tech girl even sex. I'm calm and aware of all that is happening. I feel like a Jedi knight, lol.
However there are still little bumps in the road. I'm here in Starbucks and this woman was here. The bells and whistles type. I find myself looking over at her many times. She's just about to get up and come over by me to throw something out. I want to take a closer look, but before I look up I see my bookmark. "When you got something special, never forget it." It's always interesting were a gift will come from.

This relationship is virgin territory for me. I'm glad I'm calm cause this really could freak me out.

Nugget of Triumph

Tech girl met me at my place for our date. I'm so use to going to there places that it's a little weird when women come to my place. So I showed her around and then we settled down to talk. I was massaging her feet when she dropped a huge, juicy piece of information. You see the Photographer and Tech girl are in another Meetup group together. They had dinner together Thursday night. I had wondered if they would talk, but didn't worry since it was the past. If became a problem then a red flag would be raised. Anyway the Photogarpher has a blurting issue so she asked Tech girl if I had told her that we had dated. ???? Whatever. So she wanted to make sure that Tech girl knew the problem with me. Any guesses? Should I wait till the next entry?

The reason she dumped me was that I was too nice of a guy. She couldn't deal with it. That's why she likes Gameboy. There's no real commitment, he's a bit of an ass, and if he ever had her meet his kids she would bail. Her words not mine. My day was made. You don't usually get this kind of prize with and ex and I savored it. Tech girl said she spent a bit of time explaining to the Photographer that me being a nice guy was a good thing and that she was looking for something more meaningful than a bit of an ass. LMAO.

Tech girl had a bunch of gift cards to PF Changs so she took me there for lunch where we enjoyed their lettuce wraps and wok seared lamb. Both very yummy. We did some picking around the remnants of Linen & Things, but it was pretty much picked clean. Then with full bellies we headed back to my place for a nap.

Our talk to hold off on sex went right out the window. It's been a while since I've been with a woman that is as sexual as I am or more so. I was pleasantly surprised and quite a change from what I'm use to. We were a little late to game night.

Afterwards we stopped at Wendy's for some fries since Tech girl had a craving for them. Then back to my place to watch Somethings Gotta Give which she had never seen before. Not quite sure how much of it she saw this time. By the time everything was done and over with it was late so I had someone to snuggle with for the night. After the Planner and her sleeping habits it was nice to hold someone close while sleeping. The only bad thing was the 6 am wake up for Tech girl to go to church. At least she made it out of here by 7:30.

The truly funny thing I hear from you ladies is not farting in front of the guys you are with and having abdominal issues when they leave. Boy did I have that this morning. I didn't think I farted that much during the night. Oh well learn something new every day.

Friday Fun

I'm impressed with all the advances in dental technology. With new compounds and lasers my filling matches my tooth and you can't even tell it's there. Pretty cool.

I've always believed relationships are important in business, but the realization that my actions don't correspond with that have caused some changes here. The first one is something I've known for years is calling my new patients a day or 2 after there first treatment to see how they are doing. They love it and actually today I got a referral out of it. The second is birthdays. I've always sent cards. One year a patient was so thankful since only Victoria Secrets and myself had remembered. Even her mother had forgotten. Anyway now I'm calling and my best patients I'm dropping with a birthday balloon at the job. My patient today was on vacation so I had to leave it.

The Photographer is coming in tomorrow for treatment. I crossed a line I never did with her. She had come in a while back and we traded professions. I adjusted her and she took some pictures for my office. Anyway she called yesterday and needed to come in. I haven't seen her in about a month so it should be okay seeing her again without me feeling weird.

My Landlord left this morning for 2 weeks. It'll be weird to have the place to myself for that long. I'm realizing I don't like being alone around dinner time. While I might say I've been alone all my life, but as I become more conscious of stuff I see that little item has been covered up. Hopefully talking with Tech girl will help me through it. On that note I'm looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. We wanted to go hiking since the weather has been about 70 for the last few days, but it plunged back down into the 40's. While I know most of you will say that's not cold which I won't argue. However a 30 degree drop in 24 hours is a shock to the system let me tell you. Afterwards we have game night with the singles.


It's been a long time since I've had Novocaine injected into my mouth. I love that I don't feel anything while the dentist is working, but truly hate it while I'm waiting for it to wear off. I finally got a filing fixed since it was bothering the hell out of me with food being caught there. Everything else will have to wait. While I do have dental insurance and 50% off many things it's still a luxury at the moment. Only serious problems get moved up in front of the line.

It was funny the assistant reminded me a second too late as she gave me mouthwash to rinse. My tongue being numb couldn't fully stop the fluid going down my throat. Yuck! I'm glad they sucked the stuff back out. Now that I can't eat for an hour and half I'm starving.

Charmaine asked about sonicare removing enamel. It might I didn't look up, but so can your normal toothbrush. I went to school with a woman that had removed her enamel since she used a hard brush and cleaned after every thing she ate. You just can't do that. Like all things it has to be in moderation.

Bells & Whistles

After my wondering of bells and whistles with Tech girl over the weekend I ran into a bells and whistles girl this morning. I was going to my new business meeting that I'm overseeing. She was searching for something in the lobby. I smiled as I went for the elevator and she smiled back. Then she attached herself to me (Not physically). She's scared of elevators. So I was her knight in shining armor for the ride up. She was attractive and if I had to scale her on a quick checklist to ask out I would say a 9-10. I realized on the ride up that I had the bells and whistles with her, but also a level of anxiety that I forget goes with it. While I still maybe attracted to the flame I also know somewhere that it also burns. I don't want to play with fire anymore.

I think I have the answer to an age old dating question of mine. I talked about this topic more when I was on AOL since it hasn't come up in a while. Anyway I texted Tech girl when I got home last night to tell her I was home safe and thank her for the evening. Anyway I didn't hear back from her last night which is a little weird since she always states that she is the night owl. She texted me this morning that she was out like a light after I left and she joked that I wore her out. Something she has said after all our dates. When I first started dating again after I separated from my ex. Many women said I wore them out and we weren't sexual or doing anything physical. Some of these women even ended it with me because of it. I was always at a lost as to why. I asked friends and no one ever had an answer. So when Tech girl said it today I think I finally had my answer. It's my own point of view, but I know when I'm with a woman that satisfies me emotionally I just relax. It's like being a kid again and you know everything is okay. A large portion of worry just drops away that I'm not even aware of. Since last Wednesday and our first date I've slept better and been more relaxed than I normally am. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

The Talk

Tech girl and I had a fun time tonight. We had some sushi and hummus with crackers while we played games. Talking and learning more about each other. Kissing and hugging was scattered through the evening, but the kisses felt off from Sunday.

So after we finished everything we relaxed on the couch which ended up being a make out session. At some point she wanted to stop and stated that she was anxious. So we talked. Her point being that we were developing in a good direction, but didn't want sex to change that. This came up since last time if I had a condom we would of had sex. I don't bring protection along until we've had the talk since it saves any embarrassment on having them around. Anyway I agreed with her since I had thought that yesterday. I think I was talking to someone else about relationships and sex when it hit me that we were going pretty quickly. Then I remembered the sooner you had sex the greater the chance the relationship would be short term. So we both agreed to wait. No limit was set though which could be a problem since just before I left we were hot and heavy again.

The Day that Wasn't

Game of Lifestories - $2
Gas to Newport News - $5
Seeing you - priceless

This was my text to Tech girl this morning. I'm looking forward to seeing her tonight although I know I'm going to pay for it tomorrow morning with an early appointment. Last night was the first time she initiated getting off the phone. I told her how much I enjoyed talking to her which seemed to do something for her. That was the best ending we've had so far. She's usually quiet when I go, but she said that I would usually have to be the initiator with this kind of stuff. Like Sunday night laying next to her. If I wanted to stay awake for the ride home I knew I needed to get out of there. I predict a replay of that tonight. We need to plan a sleep over this weekend. Either me back at her place Friday or my place Saturday.

I finally got an appointment to network with this one doctor I've been trying to contact over the last few weeks. No offense to any medical doctors reading this, but you've had the pharmaceutical companies between your legs for to many years. Michael doesn't play that game with business. Personal life is different. Anyway relationship building with MD's is like trying to communicate with alien life forms. They've had too many systems over the years to do everything for them including wipe there asses. However that system is breaking down with new laws and cuts in pay. So building relationships is a new thing for them since normal people like win-win instead of I'm a doctor, blow me.

Besides that I could have slept in today. I forgot my sneakers and white socks for the gym today. I refuse to work out in black socks and business shoes. I do have some pride here. All my appointments today except one rescheduled. So if it wasn't for my class today I would have bilateral thumb sprains from twiddling them all day long.

Hey look it's Wednesday and still no word from Eric.

Warmth of a New Day

The warmth of summer is back even though it's winter. It's in the 60's here today and suppose to top off about 70 tomorrow. No complaints here especially after the cold spell over the weekend.

I think this will be another week of not talking to Eric. I wrote my ex about Eric being a kid that likes physical touch. I didn't even mention that he was like me since that would have been a death sentence for the kid. I just gave her the stats of kids that don't get enough at home and how they look for it outside the home and I didn't want to happen with him. Knowing my ex she'll take it personal since she does most things. So it'll be another week of phone silence.

I'm going to drive up to see Tech girl tomorrow night. I told her I had a game for us to play. She asked if it had a dress code. I informed her no it didn't, but I could bring one if she wanted that. Life stories is a great game for getting to know someone better which she agreed she was all for. Depending on when she has class will determine our weekend plans. My landlord will be gone for 2 weeks starting Friday so she can stay with me when she comes down for game night Saturday. I only have a full size bed, but that's good for cuddling.

Lastly I checked my Feedburner and I'm up to 51 subscribers and a bunch of followers. I want to welcome all the newbies aboard and thanks for reading.

Holiday Dating

One thing that can throw a monkey wrench into the holidays is starting to date someone. Hey it's another present to buy when I'm already finished. Also what do you get the person? Luckily I listened to everything Tech girl has said. While she hasn't mentioned what she would really desire. We did talk about journaling. I said I like to type it out since my handwriting sucks and I can't write as fast as my brain works. My typing skills have increased over the years and the courses I took weren't fully wasted. I use half my fingers. Tech girl stated she would rather write it out. So with 2 weeks to go I figured I should start moving so I ordered this from Amazon.
Juliette talked about blogging and dating the other day. While I tell everyone I journal I don't say I keep the blog. I do this for me and I'm happy that people enjoy reading it. However a significant other reading this would ruin the purpose of it. We all need somewhere we can go to sort through our thoughts. I need something that is physical also. So journaling covers both bases. GF's of the past have looked at me a little funny when I mention one of you to them since they can't figure out the connection.

Coffee Talk

Okay I'm lying no coffee was involved in this. Anyway I was talking to my friend Paul about my feelings about Tech girl. He had a lot to share since he talks to his therapist a lot about this subject. His point was that my feeling were normal. The bells and whistles I'm use to are attached to that unhealthy personality that has all that drama. So without all that it feels flat for me. I guess I'm still use to all of that drama and even though it isn't visually present I can still sense it and am drawn to it, like a moth to a flame.

All of this makes me relax more and I slept like the dead last night. I also had one of my finished business dreams with my Dad. It's weird, I always have these when I'm intimate with a women. Healing happening at multiple levels, who knew?
The bad side to all this. I started having 8 o'clock office hours 3 times a week today being the first day. Going to bed late, sleeping the sleep of the dead, and a very cold morning didn't make me want to get out of bed this morning. If I didn't have a meeting with my accountability partner at 8 I would have slept in. The meeting went well, but he seems fixated on meeting face to face. I'm so use to doing this on the phone with other people. So hopefully he'll adapt.

A Technical Date

Well I spent the day with Tech girl today. In lieu of our second date I brought her flowers. She has a nice condo which she is working on fixing up. It's great to see what she has done with her hands. I also like her taste in furniture.

So we hung at her place and had left overs from a meal she cooked which was very good. We relaxed on the couch talking for a while before we headed off to the Virginia Living Museum. I realized I hadn't been there since I was married 4 years ago. Back then they had just opened the new building. Not much had changed, but it was a fun experience. Tech girl had never been there so she really enjoyed it. Also being a biology major she knew so much it was really interesting.

Afterwards we made a few stops looking for a game for her to bring to game night, but struck out on that front. We then stopped off at Barnes & Nobles for something to drink and peruse the magazines.

Afterwards we hit Trader Joe's for some pizza to make back at her place. It was some good stuff which we enjoyed while playing Uno. Through our conversations I found out some interesting stuff I already figured and some I was surprised to find out.
  • Until I emailed her she never considered me dating material. I found this interesting since I though she was sending me signals.
  • She really enjoys how I listen to her which is big for her. This I figured out from listening and watching her during the week.
  • Tech girl enjoys that she can talk to me about anything and doesn't have to curb her conversation. This is something I feel also.
  • Like the Planner she has questioned do I ever not smile. My reply is I smile when I'm happy.

While I know Tech girl is smitten with my I'm not quite sure I'm with her. While I have a list of things that I really enjoy about her from her intelligence to all her sound effects. From I can truly be myself around her to all we have in common. I just don't feel that head over heels feeling. Is this more healthy because I'm conscious of what's going on? Or is she not the one for me? I can't tell. I enjoy everything I do with her, but there are no bells and whistles. For now I'll continue on with her and hopefully the path with become clear.

That Makes Me Smile

I was very happy to hear from Eric today. I use to ask him if everything is okay, but I don't need him to put him on the spot and repeat my ex's lame ass excuses. He was doing well, but he got sick on the field trip to see the Christmas show at Rockefeller Center. This happens often with him. I know its nerves, but I can't put my finger on the cause. Unless it goes back to when they flew out of here when we the marriage ended. A mystery to solve to help him.

I decided to get a Sonicare toothbrush again. I use to have one when I was married. I got one for both my ex and me, but she never used it. I have no clue what happened to mine. I thought it was in a box in storage with the rest of my bathroom stuff, but I was wrong. Since it's $500 for the cleaning I need from the dentist which I can't afford. I figured a higher class of toothbrush was in order to hopefully hold anything off.

I found out that the library is one of Tech girl's favorite place when I was visiting it today. She has a silly sense of humor that I'm enjoying. I'm looking forward to seeing her tomorrow and I've already been informed that she doesn't just invite anyone to her home.

Passing Time

I suggested seeing a patient after hours tonight since I knew she worked late and was in excruciating pain. However sitting here for hours has been a drag. The one thing that has made it fun has been texting and flirting with Tech girl. Some how we've suggested spanking, garters, lots of hugging and kissing, and being on Santa's Naughty list (which she says she's already on). It may be cold outside, but I'm toasty here. We might have to pass on the museum Sunday.

The Award Ceremony

Okay now I have to award the Marie Antoinette award to others. The rules say 7 people, but I think they were on crack. Do that and we'll be out of people really fast. Anyway without any further ado. The envelopes please:
  1. Jen at My 33 People who always brings us with her when she's out with friends and family. Providing pictures to make you feel you're right there with them.
  2. Ana at Inconvenient Truth who struggles with a new marriage, sobriety, and an ex.
  3. Marlena at The Exception who brings up a lot of good questions about life, parenting, being single, and the occasional dating one.

Here are the rules for the Award:

1. Please put the logo on your journal - Real People - Real Blogs.

2. Place a link from the person, from whom you received the award.

3. Nominate at least 7 if you can.

4. Put the links of those on your journal.

5. Leave a message on their journal to let them know.

6. Put the award on your sidebar/journal.

In the Name of Love

I was going to text my ex, but I think I'll write a letter instead. Most would probably think it's "let me talk to my son" letter, but it's not. Eric is like me, physical touch means love. When we're together he wants to wrestle, a massage, or just to lie against me on the couch. I think that's what made my teenage years even more horrible. I was moved down to the bottom of the totem pole when my Mom's BF came into the picture.

Anyway I want to make sure he's getting enough at home so he doesn't go looking for it any place else. My ex and her family are not a very physical family. With me she went up and down, but it was always work for her.

This brings me to Tech girl. We texted back and forth last night jokingly until she asked if I wanted to call to wish her goodnight. So we talked a while. It was funny we both realized during the day how much we had talked and on topics that we don't talk to other people about. We both agreed that we tone down our talking to match the people in our lives and it was nice to not have to. Tech girl likes that I'm very easy to talk to which I've heard many times before. I think she really loves the quality time we had together. The problem for me is that she wasn't physical with me like she was Saturday night. This made me realize why I felt so safe with Aroma girl, Planner, and the Photographer. They were all physical women. Touch was big for them like it is for me.
I'll take the lead with Tech girl Sunday when we get together. However I have to admit this is a problem for me. Spontaneous love happens for up the first 2 years of a relationship. After that it's work to keep it going and growing. If it's not natural for you in the beginning will it always be a problem. I don't have any answers, I'm just more conscious of what drives me. So I'll have to see what happens.
An interesting thing was the end of our phone call last night was not the way she wanted or expected. I could tell when I was getting off. I had already wished her a good night sleep and I would talk to her today, but there was a pause on her side. Like she was waiting for something. For the life of me I don't know what.

Executive Decision

I'm exhausted. I guess going to sleep at 2:30 isn't a good thing for a good nights sleep. I mean it was worth hanging with Tech girl. She knows a lot of movie and cartoon quotes. No offense to any ladies, but she can do great sound effects. Having an art and biology degree makes her interesting to talk to. However my ass is dragging today as is hers I found out. I had to joke with her statement about being a night owl. She says it was all the talking. I decided it was too early to go with a comment of we don't have to talk next time.

Anyway I'm going to reschedule my continuing education class tonight till next month since there is no hurry for it. I'm not going to learn anything and it's just going to be a torture session listening to someone talk for 3 hours. It's been pretty dry so far so I don't have high hopes. Hey I get what I pay for. Free.

A Real Award

Hey an award that's better than a shot to the nuts. I want to thank Winivere for the Marie Antoinette award. It might take me a day or two to pass it on since I think everyone I know has one.

On other notes I texted Tech girl the answers to her questions last night.
  • Where is hootenanny? I don't remember how it came up, but we were trying to figure out how to spell it. Yes we were pretty punch drunk at the time.
  • What are cones? Color is detected through them instead of rods.
  • What is the X chromosome? Women can be color blind, just less likely. This came up with my color blindness.

She said she was dragging which was funny since she stated she was a night owl. I know I'm going to be dying tonight during my class. Okay I know Tech girl likes me, but it's interesting that she is different in more of a romantic setting.

Still no word from Eric which is just a pain in the ass. God I feel like I'm married again.

Post Date Report

Okay it's waaaay later than I thought it would be before I got home. I'm exhausted, but I need to collect my thoughts and I know some of you wait up for these reports.

The singles event at the museum went well with many new faces which is always good. I wandered around waiting for Tech girl to show up. I really didn't want to start the Norman Rockwell exhibit till she got there. So I read the brochure and the first room's bio. It worked out well since she arrived shortly after. She was dressed very nicely which was a surprise coming straight from work. We took our time walking the exhibit reading the plaques of information. Tech girl surprised me with her art background which was very impressive. She's a very smart cookie. So we walked and talked then I asked if she wanted to get something to eat since I knew I was getting hungry. So we said our goodbyes to the group and left.

I gave her the choice of following me or coming in my car. She choose my car and off we went. The food at Fellini's was good as usual. We talked a lot. Tech girl does somewhat dominate the conversation. While I usually ask a lot of questions, I do have some things I want to say which was hard to get in.

The weirdest thing was that I couldn't read her body language and she wasn't touching me at all which was opposite of Saturday night. So by the end of the meal I figured that was going to be it. We part as friends. After she returned from the bathroom I asked if she wanted to stay or go. She said it was still early for her and we continued talking. After a while of more talking we decided to go.

When we got back to her vehicle we saw the light was on inside. So she got out turned it off and then hopped back in my car. Okay I guess she's enjoying herself. So we talk and joke for another hour. Honestly besides not saying she's going I can't tell what she's thinking. The conversation is good and I'm actually stating my beliefs on society which I usually don't do. I'll usually pass on putting a strong belief out there at this point, but I'm thinking what the hey. Anyway Tech girl starts to get silly and we joke around. For me I need an indicator where this is going.

So I lift her chin and kiss her. She's surprised or nervous. I'll go with the latter since I didn't pounce. Tech girl doesn't really kiss back so I make it quick and I drop back to our goofiness. We talk and joke another 30 minutes and I suggest a second date in a lull which she's all for. Anyway now she's getting tired and with that the goofiness increases so we have a fun time. At some point I'm hugging her since we are both laughing so hard. When we're finished I can see she's looking at my lips so I kiss her again. It's better than the first time, but no romance novel. So we called it a night.

Final thoughts. Well we have a lot in common in beliefs and interests. I can't believe how close she lives to the Planner. For a very assertive woman in most parts of her life I'm surprised to see her so demure with me in a romantic setting. I'm not quite sure what the chemistry level is, but that's what a second date is for. I almost broke out laughing when she had on these rectangular glasses after the Guy'ners comment.
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