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The Roller Coaster of Darkness

Since many of you like hearing a guy's point of view here it is.

As many of you know I always let a woman know if I'm not interested. Even if I'm not looking forward to it, which I never am, I do it. Why? Well if I want to be treated a certain way I better be treating others the same way. Personally I'm okay if you're not interested. I may not like it, but I'm better for you telling me.

However when I'm not told and I have to guess it really tears a hole in me. It's like being a kid again and feeling like I just don't matter. My self-worth does a toilet spin. It's in this crazy time that I do stupid stuff and find crazier women. Red happened in this time as did the VP. Both stories my friends love, but I can do without the memories.

Anyway what makes me share all this. Well not hearing back from Blondie. Like I said perception is every thing. With the possibility of this crashing before it got off the ground and her not saying anything was bothering me. However I do want to thank Melissa for saying calm down. I did and I texted Blondie to see how she was doing. We went back and forth. Finally she did call me and we'll hang tomorrow for some Starbucks. She informed me that she'll be very busy until April 15th doing taxes. I know how it is. However for me I do like open communication so I know what's happening.

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As always, I do appreciate hearing a man's point of view, and I always enjoy reading about your experiences with the ladies.

I respect your decision to let a woman know if you're not interested. It's kind and noble. Not to mention the exception.

However, I would never expect that from a man, nor would I get upset with him if he didn't tell me he wasn't interested. I don't think it's his job, nor does he owe me. That's because I believe as a woman I should be able to decipher whether he is really into me or not. How I see it, if he really wants to be with me, he will.

I also think that men should take a clue as well. I really don't think that you should let this tear a hole in you, and you should NOT let this harm your self-esteem. This sort of thing happens in dating all the time. Dating is all about risks, and sometimes things don't happen in our favor.

As for Blondie, she may be busy, but I don't think she's that into you anymore. I know that is bitchy of me to say, and I hope you prove me wrong. But as a female if I were into a man and he called me, I would be giving him my undivided attention on the phone. Tax season or not, I would also welcome a break to go out and chill with my date. Also she would've told you earlier about tax season instead of making you guess. I don't think that's very nice.

Plus, I am personally against texting in the beginning of dating. I am all for phone conversation or face time. It's more personalized.

I hope you end up proving me wrong about Blondie and saying " In your face, Senorita." I know you like her and she's the first person you've written about with such zest.

Good luck in the dating jungle, my jungle friend.


So totally understand this. Communication, clear communication, you can deal with.

Silence or head games just causeS unhappiness and doubt.

Have fun with Blondie tomorrow, but Mike - be careful.

Senorita said it wisely and well :)


Hi Mike,
Blondie is "busy until April 15th doing taxes?!?" Her IRS forms are so all-consuming, her taxes so complex, that she can't do much of anything else until April 15th?!? I hope I'm wrong, but something smells fishy here. She's sounding more and more like some kind of H&R Blockhead.

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