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Well one of my friends who's been wanting to come in said he would come in Saturday which was great. I'll have to buy him a drink next time we go out. After him another patient said the needed one more treatment so that's my insurance in case someone cancels or reschedules. So a new record will be set come close of business Saturday. I broke a record last month and then again this month. Woohoo! Now I need to keep on it.

Phili asked if I wanted to attend a tai chi class with her since it was BOGO free event. I was thinking about it since it would be fun, but it's up on the peninsula and I don't want to travel up there for this every week for a month. Since we have a bunch of spots open for tomorrow's game night I invited her to join us. She said she would be late, but would enjoy joining us.

Tomorrow will be a slow day in the office which is good. It'll allow me to catch up on paperwork and finish phone calls for the belly dancing fundraiser for Sunday. So far my Look as Good as You Feel event is off to a good start. Patients are excited and thanking me for doing all the stuff I do for them.

People are starting to look at Inverse's room so the end is coming, but I don't know when. She took a new waitress job which I don't think she will last in. It's a strict place and let's face it she has an attitude. She may not admit it, but it's her attitude that caused the problems in her last two places in the last two months.

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