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Sane Friends

Bouncy ... Bouncy ... Bouncy

I'm still keeping my record week even though people keep cancelling and rescheduling. Someone else has been calling to fill in the gap, but I'm at the line now. Hopefully I can keep it for 24 more hours.

So I asked the girl out from last night and she said yes. So now for a nickname. I think I'll call her Blondie since all her pictures show her as a blond, her hair is dark now and I think natural. Also I think it looks a lot better this way. Hopefully she'll come to the Funny Bone tonight and we can set up a time. I'm pleasantly happy.

My Mom's stuff seems to be draining my bank account. Her place was suppose to take over her AARP, but for some reason her account is still being drawn from. The one that is empty now since we transferred all the money to them. So I'm waiting to her from them to resolve this issue.

The good/bad thing about being busy is the phone is ringing, constantly at times. I had 2 meetings back to back today and the phone just keep ringing. In between I had to make all the return calls. Grumble.

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