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Sane Friends

Thursday Night

I had a presentation at the local library tonight. It's better when they schedule it. I had 4 ladies show up and it went very well. I always enjoy teaching others on staying healthy and since I'm not selling anything people are happy to listen.

I called D went I got home and broke the news to her. She had hoped for more, but we agreed that we enjoyed each others company and would go out in the future. Very happy to have that conversation over.

Unless someone else drops in my life I'll hold off on dating for a while. I'm happy in my single life and I have enough going on to keep me occupied. For the foreseeable future I need the business to be number one. I know I need a high level of commitment to it to keep it steady. Tomorrow morning we're trying to get all the neighborhood businesses together to help each other during these hard times. Hopefully it will get off the ground and help everyone.

I'm happy Inverse has a bf since I'm alone in the house with her tonight. The Landlord is out for the night at the hotel helping out. I was wondering how it would be tonight. She was just hanging out when I came in, but she was on the phone with her bf all the time I was eating. Hopefully it will stay that way.

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