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Sane Friends

The Swing of the Pendulum

The Model stopped by for treatment today. While last week's meeting was fun and upbeat. Today was the Titanic going down. I've dealt with people having personal problems before and I'm not stranger to them. However every once in a while you meet someone that really sucks the room dry. It's rare that I get so drained from someone, but wow. Hopefully she will be in a better place tomorrow when she sees me or I'm not quite sure how much pampering will happen.

Business coaching today was funny. We were talking about picking strategic alliance partners and how it's like getting married. I had to ask how do we go along with this since I blew it the first time around. I had to admit his answer was a good one. You go to your first date and give 100%. If you don't you're pretty much predicting there isn't going to be a second date. At the end of each date you determine if you want to go on to another one. It's true. Intellectually this is the way I approach dating so why not try it with picking people to work with. If it's not working bail.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Ah Oh.
Well, I hope your time to be worked on goes well and you find a way to enjoy it.
Thats great advice on the dating and work front~


I so know what its like to have the energy sucked from the room by someone. I'm sure you're helping her out quite a bit.

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