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Sane Friends

The New Math

My SIL announced to me when I visited that the new up is keeping what you have. From most business people I've heard the same thing. You really have to work to get every inch now a days. A talk show host in the area is working my with my local BNI to have its members come talk on the radio. I was informed that the guy already had my business card on his desk. How that happened I have no idea, but I'm happy about it. I did send him a message to hopefully seal the deal.

I have no want to call D tonight. I'd so rather send an email, but I do like I would like to be treated. Also a phone call is much more polite, although I hate that awkward moment after you let the bomb drop.

Today has been a little stressful business wise. Last month I upgraded my cellphone to unlimited since I was going over and I knew I would be increasing my usage. The lady said we'll start it on your next business cycle. Holy shit did I go over last month. The bill is outrageous.

On another point, business coaching seems to have become very political around here. My coach has been drawn into it. Since I was told something by another person about my coach I have been asked to step in to hopefully settle the problems. I'm happy to help, but I'd rather get you some coffee than step into this.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

If you don't want to call D to tell her there is a lack of chemistry, then don't call her. An e-mail would be just fine, especially since you don't plan on continuing to see her.

I went out on a date 6 months ago with a guy. There was no chemistry, and he told me by e-mail, and I was fine with it. His e-mail was polite and he suggested friendship, and I thought it was nice.

The reality is that nowadays men and women are lucky if someone even tells them there is no chemistry. Usually the other person doesn't call back.

If this is your first date with D, you don't owe her anything and vice versa. I think an e-mail is reasonable. Especially since you don't want to make the call. Why do something when you really don't have to ?


Hi Mike,
I think your SIL is right: These days you just have to focus on "maintaining." At work, I find that means do more with less and don't make waves ... unless it's absolutely necessary.


Senorita - it doesn't matter what other people do for me. Rarely a woman calls me to end it. However I would like it so I do it. Also I try not to give into my fears. If I truly want to stay friends then I need to call. An email is a blow off.



I see your point of view. I think it's a nice gesture to call her to end things and continue with the friendship.

When I read your blog, I didn't get the feeling that you wanted to do it which is why I suggested not to.

I still feel that an e-mail is not a blowoff when it comes to a lack of chemistry on a date. I think an e-mail is more to the point and eliminates some of the awkwardness, while still being polite. I only think e-mails are blowoffs when you're dating someone and plan on seeing her again.


Oh, I've never received a break-up email but those who have seem to bawl or howl ;-0. Good man for calling....~Mary

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