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Let's Do The Time Warp Again

I’m sitting at the table eating dinner with family. Tension is growing so thick you can cut it with the proverbial knife. Then the spark happens and it all goes up in flames as the adults start arguing. My stomach ties into knots since I don’t want to hear it or witness it.

The problem is that this is no longer my childhood and my parents arguing. It’s the Landlord and Inverse. She’s found a new place to live which makes him happy. However he’s angry since she doesn’t care about paying him back. Whatever money she does have, she’s been using on cosmetic procedures instead of room and board.

While hearing all this is a blast from the past and makes me very uncomfortable. Seeing Inverse’s daughter begin to fidget while all this happens makes it worse for me. I’ve been in her spot and I wish to whisk her away from it all. The best I can do when she comes over is having her help clean the table; to give her something else to focus on. Talking about everything would have to happen at another time. I doubt if we’ll ever have it.

I know Inverse won’t be leaving until at least next week. This problem is only going to get worse which really sucks. I’m happy to be out of the house for the next 2 nights.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Part of this is the landlord's fault. He didn't use his brain when he decided to rent to her, his penis took over and did the thinking for him. Maybe I sound a little harsh, but all of this could've easily been prevented.

Now I hope he uses his brain and takes her ass to court. Reasoning with a twit like that is pointless, and so was the argument in front of her daughter and you.

Sorry you had to witness that. What about this place do you like ?


I enjoy the dinner with people. Ironic I know. Plus it's cheap. I've been there for years and this is really the first problem we've had. For all the people that have come through the doors the odds are good.

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