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Sane Friends

Close the Book on This

I picked up D tonight and she was dressed up for the museum and jazz. It was the first use of my AC this year since it was so hot; I had to closed the windows so we could talk. Like last time we conversed, but it doesn't really flow well. D liked the museum and the jazz. After we finished our drinks we decided to venture into the museum. I took her hand and off we went. We walked the whole museum, but didn't stop to read anything. I've seen the stuff enough times and D just wanted to look.

Afterwards we grabbed a seat to talk some more while we listened to the jazz. After a while I asked if she wanted to grab some Starbucks and sit by the fireplace. She agreed, but didn't know that there was a Starbucks around the corner from her that had a fireplace. When we got there for some reason the fireplace wasn't lit. So we grabbed some drinks and sat together on one of the comfy chairs. Our conversation was interrupted soon as we were informed that they were closing at 8:30. We were pretty shocked. Since we were close to the beach and it was nice out I suggested a walk on the boardwalk.

When we got down there it was starting to drizzle. Things were working against us, However after a minute it cleared up and we were able to wander. I knew D wanted me to kiss her, but I knew this was just going to be a friendship. However the kiss was tempting so we did kiss. Still there was no real chemistry going on.

So I dropped D back off at her place and told her I'd talk to her tomorrow. When I call her tomorrow night I'll tell her that there isn't enough chemistry for me to go beyond friendship.

I have to admit I'm still pretty split on whether to stay off the dating track or not. While I'm on a date I like it and I want to do it again. Once I'm off I don't really care if I date at the moment.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

You clearly spelled out what you want and need. I love it when self-therapy does wonders! Go for it, be honest.

P.S. And thanks for being there for me yesterday....


Bummer that it wasn't what you wanted but good for you for being honest with her. I think you will know you're ready when you are ready. :)

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