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Am I Not Incredible?

Tensions seem to be rising between Inverse and the Landlord. With her IRS refund check she now has money and got wheels so she can get to work. However she must be making a lot of comments on things she would like to buy since the Landlord was very tense when she was talking about it. I know he probably wants his money. The day for her to have everything paid up or for her to move out is a month away. Although he was thinking of giving her another month since with the new job there would be no way she could pay it off. However with the possible all male house that keeps bouncing back and forth.

Tomorrow starts the climb of the mercury to the 60's by the weekend. I can't wait. The Model will be coming by my office tomorrow for treatment to see what I do. Then I'll go to her place Thursday to see what she does. Yes I'm getting a facial. It's been many years since I had one. After all the stress of last week I'm looking forward to the pampering.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

MMMM a facial! More men should get them. It's really not as girly as it sounds!

I don't think I am allowed to go get adjustments...with the bionic neck and all! hmmmmm something to look into!

91 degrees by 3pm here...ahhhh I love Spring in AZ!


Yes, you are Incredible! Those picutures are priceless, classic and well hillarious~
Enjoy your facial and giving her alittle adjustment.


Yes, get a facial; more men should give some attention to their own faces other than a quick shower/wash and shave.

Inverse really should pay her rent, if she has it, or pay towards it, or work out a plan, or something. I'm glad she has wheels, but she and her little girl really need a home, too.

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