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Sane Friends

Why Won't You Please, Please, Please Help Me?

Well in the last 24 hours I've asked for help. I asked my patient to bring over his code scanner for my car since I couldn't unhook my battery to do it manually. Then this morning I asked Phili if she would be in my area today for a ride to work after I dropped the car off.

I had to admit I had a lot of internal resistance to doing this. My couch has been on me about this in that I have a perspective of things getting worse if I ask for help or that I'm just going to not get it. So I'm looking at this since this is a major thing in interpersonal relations. Growing up for me was like Lord of the Flies and it's what my marriage became. Unable to depend on others I always took care of it myself. So I know I have a high self reliance, but I still have problems with interdependence with others.

Speaking of Phili. Oye! The Landlord had to leave early this morning to help a friend give there son a ride to school. Every morning Phili blow dries her hair like 2-3 times, but always behind closed doors. This morning she did it with her door open. I don't know if this is some form of passive aggressive nature, is she that much of an air head, or what? Something needs to be done about this.

I am happy to say my car was inspected with no problems. Actually the place was empty so I just sat around for it.

Blondie returned my text stating that everything went well yesterday, but she was tired from the anesthesia. Hopefully she will let me know what happens.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I am so with you when it come to asking for help. While reading your post I kept thinking of that Sandra Bullock movie 28 days. She had to wear a sign around her neck about asking for help!

Glad to hear that the car is all well and good.

The blowdrying thing sounds more like an OCD rather than a passive aggressive thing...IMHO


Well, could it be that it's getting warmer there, combined w/ the humidity in the bathroom, so she just wanted more air? Or, maybe she usually prefers to keep the door open and is slipping on being a nice housemate? My DD's hair is really thick, so it takes a few times of her going and drying it, to get it dry. Then again, Phili's hair may just need restyling? Who knows, but if it's too early in the a.m. for you, just let her know and ask her to shut the door again:)


Growing up I wasn't able to depend on anyone for help, so I am also very independant and can't stand to ask people for help. I understand the feeling.

I take it that your COACH gave you advide about your internal resistance, and not your COUCH, lol. Talk about cheap therapy.

I am sure that Phili is just being an airhead. I don't think she realizes the noise she makes. I've been guilty of the same before, and it was unintentional.

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