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Sane Friends

Saturday with Mike

The movie matinee I had scheduled to see was Coraline. I had heard it was good. Some of the members looked at me strange when they found out it was a kid's movie. I told them it really wasn't. It was PG-13 and was a cross between A Nightmare Before Christmas and Pan's Labyrinth. My point was quickly loss when a party of kids poured into the theater. Anyway it was a really good movie and not for young kids. Definitely worth seeing and will keep your interest from the beginning to the end.

Afterwards we all went over for Mexican food. It all worked out well. One of the members knew Widow and her husband who died in November. So they traded numbers since she wanted to her stories about him. We spent hours talking there.

Now I'm hanging out at home before I meet L for the show. I've been talking to Phili for a while. I have to admit I do enjoy talking to her. I don't know how it would go over long periods of time, but catch up is always fun. Now we are both hanging out in our respective rooms going back and forth to chat. I tell you it's hard talking to Phili with her short skirts and lying on the bed. It's just way too much skin.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Haha, wounded birds in short skirts= a winning combination for Mike, lol.

I used to chat with my roommate via the AIM when we were too lazy to go to each others' rooms


Short skirts and too much skin...were you in Miami?

Happy Easter, Mike!

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