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Sane Friends

You Know When ...

You know it's over in your heart when you look at another woman as a possible date. I'm not looking to date anyone, but I found myself getting those thoughts tonight when the singles played miniature golf. It was a great time, with lots of laughs and awesome fall weather. 90% turn out for the event which is awesome and the right mix of people make it even better.

No call from the Planner and with her saying she will call me I know I shouldn't hold my breath. I think I may have a hard time getting over this relationship and its not because I enjoyed it so much. I think because it change direction so fast and then it just didn't end. It's like the un-ending. I'm unable to be sad at its loss since my mind can't wrap itself around it yet. That worries me since I know if I'm not careful I can swallow the feelings and then I'll have problems down the line. So pictures came down today. Text messages will be erased sometime over the weekend. If no contact by Sunday I'll hammer the last nail into the coffin.

I was so close. I had a record amount of patients coming in for the week. However the dreaded reschedules came and now I'm even with my highest amount. I need a walk in tomorrow or something. I hate when this happens.

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It is very healthy to have those feelings of being willing to look at another woman as a possible date.

In your case, it shows relilience and not taking the Planner's bad behavior too personally, depsite the shock/hurt of the lack of communication/non-ending.

Now you also know how women feel when men just leave without explanation, and how wrenching it is when a woman thinks everything is going well, is good - and then it seems to literally vanish on a dime.

Smart also to take the pictures down and erase the ext messages. You are taking care of yourself by not tormenting yourself by keeping her things around.

Of course it hurts, and of course you will grieve the loss of who you hoped she would be and the relationship you hoped you would have...

It also sounds like you are not letting it take over your life - and GOOD FOR YOU !

On a work note rather than a personal one - Hope that you get a walk-in tomorrow :)


It is hard and my heart goes out to you... It is hard because of the lack of closure... no response , no word and no nothing! Sometimes it is easier to deal with a "go to hell!" than nothing... but people are insecure in how to handle things and apparetnly the planner has other issues to deal with other than being a mature, respectable person to say "hey.. let's back off a little" Hammer the final nail, enjoy yourself and things will happen... kepp smiling babe!


It's so much harder when there is no official closure.

But you don't want to keep waiting for her to call. If you settle now for her not calling you will always be settleing.

Let me just say as a personal rule I refuse to call guys at the beginning of a relationship. It goes back to my conservative roots of insisting the guy call the girl. (Sorry I didn't read very far back to see how long you have been dating the planner.)


I'm sorry, Mike.

Sounds as if she was having some difficulties within her own life, and I do believe she liked you, but something...... I detest the lack of closure, too.

But, hey, life moves along. Really:)

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