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In 5th grade I had to take a test. I didn't know the answers so I made it up as we went along. Afterwards they didn't say anything and I went back to class to quickly forget about the whole thing. That was until they wanted me to take the test again. So this time around I was pretty honest and told them I didn't know the answers. Afterwards they told me don't be a paint mixer for a living. I'm partially color blind. I say partially because I see color just different from you.
So I've been wanting to repaint my office to make it look nice. The Planner was suppose to help me, but she dragged her feet and you know what happened after that. MK Lady made some suggestions and said she would get back to me. So far nothing, but with two very young toddlers I don't expect much. Loan lady suggested a coffee with creamer look. Anyway I'm getting impatient waiting for someone to step up and help me. So I stopped at Home Depot tonight to look at colors. Holy shit now I know what the school nurse meant. It's like Disney world barfed on a display. Their are so many different shades of everything that someone of them I can't even say what color it is. Never mind if it goes with my carpet. I'll have to ask someone for some substantial help. I really don't want to have to ask for a professional to do it. I know Stager lady would love to get her hands on my office, but it's my baby and I'm careful with it.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

LOL, I love how you have, well, interesting label names for all the ladies in your life.

I'm glad I found you here, I'm on the official follow list~

Take care now,



this may help you. I chose it, because your office is a place of healing. SOOOOO, I would suggest a light green in the waiting room or a light blue, calm like the ocean.

One trick I use in my class is accent walls. I have 2 walls painted black and 2 white, so I can do the compare and contrast easily...

I must go lay down now...my ear is driving me NUTS!!!!

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