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The office at the end of the hall pays for the Niagara special. This is the second time he's had a leak in his office. It's so bad it's into the hallway. Not quite sure where it comes from, but it can't be fun. Anyway all this attention for our suite has been good. They fixed our front door which has been misaligned for a few weeks. Our hallway no longer looks like a cave with the light bulbs replaced which is something I really love.

As always I try to save the best for last. Okay I have no idea when I save this stuff for. Anyways a mail truck pulled up outside our place. I was busy so I didn't think much about it even though the mail had already passed. I knew he came into our hall. As usual I'm the only one here when I realized I never heard him leave. So I have to go to the bathroom which is at the end of the hall when I almost run into him as he's making a bee line for the door. I wonder what this is all about until I realize he's bombed the bathroom. I have to admit he's used half a can of spray to cover the smell. So I walk in to find that when he dropped the kids off at the pool he left a whole bunch of streak marks. Like pal clean up after yourself. Bastard! Maybe I'll get him a poop-a-gram for the holidays.

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