Going Sane in a Crazy World

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Sane Friends

weird ...

I got an email from the Planner today asking when I was updating my blog on her business website. I'm the only member on there besides her. I use to post weekly, but she had let it go so I didn't see the point. I figured she would delete me at some point. Since it's up on the Peninsula it doesn't really do anything for me and I only did it to help her. I threw up a entry. I have no idea why. I guess since it couldn't hurt me business wise.

After lunch today I was exhausted and my lack of sleep had caught up with me. So since I had some free time I headed down to the bay to grab a nap. It was nice.

Tonight the singles and I are off to the Chrysler Museum of art for their weekly wine and jazz night. It's always a fun time although I wonder if it will feel weird to me since the last time I was there I asked the Planner out.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

She's got balls. I hope you ignore anything from her in the future - she doesn't deserve any help from you, and her lack of appreciation for you in her life when you two were going out doesn't win any prizes vis a vis her exit strategy.

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