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Sane Friends

Well Okay Then

Sorry ladies, but I don't think I will ever understand you. I just finished talking to the Planner for 90 minutes. To me it seemed to go in more different directions than a belly dancer's navel. She ended up repeating herself many times because I just wasn't getting it. It started out as she doesn't really trust me, I don't help her, she doesn't have the time for a relationship, we're better friends than bf/gf and a bunch of other things that she's worried about in her life. Okay so I guess this is over. Wrong! She's upset that since I've said I loved her that I'm not trying to suggest suggestions on how we can work things out. Hmmm maybe it's just me, but when you give me a list of why it's not working for you I feel that the loving thing to do is not force you do something you don't want to do.

The biggest thing I got from the whole conversation is that she is stressed with everything and she's not handling it well. Also I like to talk everyday and she doesn't. There was a lot of business stuff that I can't say I fully understood since it wasn't linear and had extra stuff thrown in for good measure.

My brain shut down somewhere near the end, but as I sit here I wonder with not hearing anything positive said about me or our relationship I have to wonder why the Planner still would want it. I'll have to ask her that when she calls me.

The good thing is that I'm calm again. She brought up some valid points about me which I can see. Like since we talk so much business I sometimes treat her like another business person instead of as my girlfriend. I do expect her to talk more about her business problems instead of me asking about them.

What I didn't do tonight was find out if she thought it was okay to ignore me the past few days. I have to admit I hate dealing with this stuff since it's highly emotional and it's hard for me to deal with it.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

You're talking with each other, and that's a good thing. I have thought some about this over the evening, your trigger points (understandable with your past), and etc. I think she just needs some space occasionally, and YES should have said nice things, too, but maybe these things bottled up in her so she had to get them out? She sounds worth working with, you with your boundaries and priorities, and her with hers (guess she felt required to communicate daily but it's too much for her?, while you crave that touch base daily things are okay). Good relationships will have bumps sometimes but bumps that ultimately bring the couple closer. You two are growing I guess. Oh, and some minds just don't work linearly, so that's going to be harder for you to work with I know. May this just be a bump along the way and work towards understanding and a better relationship.

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