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Sane Friends


I love when sales people come in my office trying to sell me ad space. I've been doing this a long time so I know where all my people come from. Also my answers bother them, but hey that's their problem. One of them is who is my worse competition which I always answer no one. LOL you should see their faces, but I provide treatment to a niche of people. If I was in competition with everyone else I would be dead. There's just too much of it out there. You should see my face when they show me the prices. Actually I don't react which is a learned trait. Today's offer was $8k. You have to have some balls to be asking that price with a start up paper.

What a dead day at the office. I never enjoy that. So I'm working on this week's marketing to help fill up the week.

OVDC was happy to hear that I still wasn't dating. She suggested if I wasn't ga-ga for someone don't even bother.

In looking at my blog stats I wasn't surprised to see dating was the number 1 topic. I was very surprised to see that the Planner was #2 with nothing even close to her. Who knew?

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm not surprised she's number 2. You needed to write that out of your system. (Hugs)Indigo


We all like to live vicariously, and were rooting for her to be 'the one' and disgusted with her when she turned out to be such a ....

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