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Sane Friends

Well Okay Then

As I was doing my prayers and meditations this morning I realized some anger had set in with the Planner. I realized that if I hadn't kept pushing for contact she would have walked away without a peep. Then she had the audacity to complain about me not wanting the relationship. Okay at least I'm processing.

I have to admit it was nice to awake on a Sunday morning in my own bed and just relax. With me working Saturdays I haven't had the ability to just lie around in bed by myself and just enjoy. For many months I've awoken at the Planner's. While it was nice to have her next to me I was always sore from her memory bed. I do miss having a person next to me to touch and cuddle with.

While it is beautiful out I'm going for an indoor event today with the singles. Their was nothing happening outdoors today that I wanted to do so for a $1 I'm off to see Kung Fu Panda again. I enjoyed it a lot the first time and everything else there sucked. My workout will be the Photographer who will be there.

Around that I think I'll hit the thrift stores for new games for Game night. All the good adult games are expensive as hell so I'm looking for some deals.

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