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Let's All Do the Twist

The end of last week I made the goal of doubling my business in the next 30 days. I have a lot of ideas on how to do this besides what I have been doing over the last few weeks. Now I just need to keep executing everything. So far so good. The phone has been very active this week with new patients. As it stands now I will have a record week so keep something crossed for me. Anytime in the a past when I make change I see an upswing in the business. This time I'm being very consistent and have fall back plans to keep me motivated.

Eric called me today and he got his baritone. He played some for me. We both laughed since it kind sounded like a fart. Hey were guys. It's been a good week with him. I love when he's excited about something and he calls to share. Monday he called to share that he got the highest grade on his social studies test which was awesome since many kids had to be curved.

I have this funny feeling that the Planner will not answer the phone tonight which will mean its over and I never got the card.

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The Planner is a beyotch. My empathy.


But I have to be a googler or blogger or something I'm not.

Anyway, hopefully Planner will talk with you, and even if it ends, some things will feel better, anyway.

YEAH for Eric!

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