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Sane Friends


I thought it would take me to about Wednesday to erase the Planner's info out of my phone, but by the end of the day today I wanted it gone. So that put the last shovel of dirt on that relationship. Well at least the physical evidence. The emotional stuff will probably take longer.

Being the organizer of my Singles group means I meet a lot of people and I have to admit most are women. Looking at the events its usually me and a bunch of women with another guy tossed in for good measure. So it's weird for me to have several women like me and dropping emails to just communicate. I've gotten use to the one that comes around every once in a while, but I seem to be on a roll at the moment. No one's really my type nor do I want to date at the moment. However I have to admit after just being dumped it's nice to be wanted.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Being wanted helps the ego with the recovery process - I'm glad you have your singles group :)


Knowing you are wanted is always an ego boost, and those are always nice when the ego has taken a hit, IMO. The Planners loss, also IMO.


I do suggest not dating right away, but hey, knowing you're a wanted man, and that you can communicate with others, is a good thing. Hang in there.

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