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One thing I have noticed since the Planner broke it off with me is that I'm not sleeping well. While I have kicked up my activities during the day with work and networking I think I've cut back really far on vegetating. Even my reading has totally switched to business reading except for all the blogs on here. While I fall asleep okay I wake up early which I don't like. When I use to see the Planner I use to really relax which I'm not doing now. So I have to find some outlet for myself. I'm so on for the whole day that my mind never gets a chance to fully shit down which is something I get on my patients about.

Because of this I woke up at 4 this morning and I finally decided to miss my meeting this morning since I really needed the sleep to function all day. I did make it over to Starbucks for my one to one with Loan lady 2. I had no idea what she did so it was a good meeting to find out what she does and how I can help her out. I was happy to hear my commercials to the group were working and she liked them so I know I am working in the right direction there.

Game night with the singles seems to have reverted back to it's old ways of just being packed. So far we have 13 people RSVP'd. We'll probably take over the place if everyone shows up.

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