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Saturday Morning

I'm not a big fan of waking up earlier than my alarm clock, but it happens from time to time, this morning being one of those times. I remembered some one's post (??) about after breaking up what was still around that reminded them of that person. Looking around my shadowed predawn room I couldn't see anything of the Planner. The only things I had around were her pictures and my travel toothbrush that I left on the coffee table at the end of my bed. Both of these items have been removed. I know most of the things I got from her were more internal. I did get a chuckle then since I realized I'm all over her place. From the cat gate on the stairs, the water pillow on her bed, the exercise ball in her spare room, the lock on her office door, to all her watches that I fixed. It's nice to know I leave my mark around.

Every fall in my neighborhood we have a race. They close all the streets and if you want to leave during the race it's hell. So you have the option of leaving before 8 or after 11. Since I had patients this morning I opted for the early option. Their probably is a good thing to this, but I haven't found it yet.

I've been looking around for some volunteer work I can do in the community. Not much really appealed to me so I went with what I was already doing the SPCA. I really enjoy taking the animals into the schools to meet the kids. So I'm going to see what else I can do.

On the flip side of that I'm finding that being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle all it's own. I know that any problems with the office have been mine, but now I see how the ups and downs go.

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