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This, That, and the Other Thing

Usually about once a year I get the chance to help Eric with his homework. Usually it's on a visit, but sometimes its by phone like last night. He was doing a project on Henry Ford and needed some information from the Internet. So I got to be a Dad and do Dad-like stuff which was fun.

The Landlord and I went our for dinner and it was funny I ran into a couple from the Singles group. The girl of the pair was like "are you here on a date?" I find it so funny that so many people want to hear about my dating life.

The weather cooperated today in that we didn't get wet riding the boardwalk. However the wind was brutal on the way back and I probably could have walked faster than I was peddling. It was a good turnout for the singles and we all got some good exercise. Afterwards we went to one of the hidden treasures of the oceanfront, Big Sams. I first went there after my first bike ride on the boardwalk with the another group years ago. An old bait shop that they just expanded a few times to make the restaurant that it is today. It looks like a dump from the outside, but the food is great.

Missed having someone in bed with me this morning. Also some of the Planner's mannerisms I'm missing. The good thing is that she has replaced my ex in my memory for many things which I find to be a good thing.

Also I hope you all are enjoying my new gadget on the side with a new pick up line each time. I know I am.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

it's all a journey, isn't it?


You have a gadget on the site (or was that side) with pickup lines? I don't even notice those sorts of things. Guess I go for the content of the entries themselves.

It's interesting what we miss, what we don't, and what stays with us, or gets replaced. I am glad for new memories of my own, and glad you at least got to have some to override others.

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