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Sane Friends

Sunny Sunday Morning

While many might lament the closing of AOL journals, I do not. I made the jump a long time ago, but in doing so I missed many of my friends. However it's like reunion time now. Woohoo! People I haven't seen for a while keep popping up and it's a great little surprise when I open my email to find another familiar face has found me.

Waking up alone again in the bed this Sunday morning was easier. Even though it was painful and reopened the wound it allowed it to heal properly. What I'm rambling about is the Planner's surprise visit Friday. Me giving her a hug and saying goodbye gave me healthy closure that makes it easier to let it go.

As many of you know I'm really working my business mojo now a days. I'm writing off years '04-'06 since they screw everything up with planning. While year one was very good divorce and custody battles really fucked up '05-'06. The graph just flat lines. '07 shows it rising from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix. So calculating yesterday I've increased business 65% from last year which is why I'm not doing the second job this year. Money is still no where near where I wanted it, but at least it's moving in the right direction. So wrote out my goals for the next 3 years, broke them down into 3 month increments and said how I was going to make them happen. History has shown me when I have done stuff like this my business has made leaps and bounds so it's something to keep doing.

Tonight I have a belly dancing event with the singles. When I originally talked about it with the group a lot of people were interested. Today I feel like I'm going to a strip club since only the perverts are going. If I didn't really want to see the show I would hand it off to someone else.

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Sounds like you're doing what you need to do. I always love reading the way you soldier on...

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