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Sane Friends

Friday Thoughts

Met with a friend Ar Lady this morning who had got me into networking 2 years ago. We had met at a health fair, started talking, and the rest they say is history. Over the years she has given me good business and I would like to return the favor. The biggest problem is that Ar Lady and MK Lady both do cosmetics for different companies and both are good referrers. So I'm relying on MK lady for her cosmetics and trying Ar Lady for other items like detoxs and vitamins. I have a person already with a company which I like their product, but referring wise is poor. So like I did with my insurance I need to look out for me. So I'll cut up the pie in my office and give each what works best for me. The more someone works for me the bigger the pie.
I feel like I'm just in the beginning of a relationship. You know you've gone out once or twice and you talk to set up the next time you see each other. The problem here is that the Planner and I are going out almost 4 months. For me the longer you go out the closer you get. Not the opposite. So I'm waiting for her to call me at some point. I really think this is a controlling move. Anyway this is the opposite way I am. I feel like I'm being asked to care less and guess what I am. I don't feel like I have a girlfriend.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Argh. I'd be pretty irritated. She sounds conflicted, and not in a good way. Like she wants to break up but doesn't have time for something else so, hey, you will do as long as you fit into her ideal model of well-behaved boyfriend. Hmmm. :(


I would say you are just keeping your options open.

try offering a contest box or something in your lobby that would promot both...like a magazine w/ their info in it...I used to do cosmetics and I would put my info inside mags for Dr. offices. They all were always looking for free mags...and I was always looking for FREE advertising!!!

Just saying...keep them both and offer them both ad space? keep them both happy...


I'm sorry she's acting like such a twit and it is over... You deserved better. Don't contact her. Let it go, even though it hurts... Her actions are pretty unforgivable.

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