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In digging for blog worthy stuff for my other blog I have some open accounts on dating sites. Some have my full information since I have used there site to find a date at some point in time. So when I log into find juicy pieces of information that I share with the world my information comes up as I'm active. Because of this I still get occasional emails and added to people's favorites. So this morning when I logged onto my computer I saw I had been added to some one's favorite. Always intrigued and hey I might find something to post about. However it was a nice woman with good pictures and by that I mean normal. However she had a few deal breakers for me and since a few of the blogs I read have been asking about them over the last week I figured I'd comment here. The first was that she's separated. After the incident with Red I'm not touching that with a 10 foot pole. The second was 16 month old twins. Whoa! If you have kids younger than Eric I'm not the person for you.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

both intelligent deal breakers, Mike.

For me, deal breakers are :

divorce hasn't been final for at least a year yet - you're not ready. you may THINK you are, but you've still got healing to do.

kids living at home - expecting a woman they date basically to be a babysitter who they have sex with.

smoking or heavy drinking or drugs or gambling excessively.

lives more than a half-hour away

More than 10 years older or younger than me


deal breakers are always a biggie but also have to make sense too..

the whole divorce issue... things take time.. and they shoudl take time for themselves first

Wanting to meet my son right away.. big no no.. let's take the time to get to know me and then maybe we can throuw children into the mix way way later

types of interest... are they way off base when it comes to your own interest? are they willing to share in your interest too... willing to give and take....

age: I would also say 10 years give to take either way but maybe I can go for 12 years older rather than younger...


Normal helps. Red?

And, is that really a photo of what I think it is?

We all have our own dealbreakers. I think it's probably healthy to think about them and know what they are, and, why (cuz sometimes just one aspect may truly be applicable.)

E is how many years older than me? I usually don't even think about it any more (hmm, let me count, shrug, only 14 years older come early November when I hit my next birthday).

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