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Snowball Monday

After a relaxing weekend I find myself in my age old trap of getting the momentum going again. While I always have it moving the business needs a high amount of RPMs to keep on climbing. The funny thing is its always in correlation to how the office is doing. As soon as I let off a little the office responds automatically.

A few weeks ago when I had a one to one with a business coach I told him I was a week salesman. Mostly because I didn't like to sell. He told me I most be pretty good since I got someone to marry me. I really hadn't looked at it like that. Through our conversation he picked up that when I talk about selling I put a negative spin on it. So I've been working on changing that which leads me to my new business book I'm reading which is the Joy of Selling. I tried to listen to the audio version, but I'm too much of a reader and I don't absorb as well.

My head is clearing a little better. I can actually see what I don't want with the women that would like to date me in the singles group. So perspective is coming back. I was sad this morning after reading one of my mediation's that talked about cherishing your darling. So the feelings are coming slowly, but at least they're coming.

One thing I still can't get use to is growing out of clothes. Since I stopped growing decades ago, I've been pretty stable. Now with working out I keep out growing my clothes. I tell you there's nothing like ironing a shirt then putting it on the next morning to find that it's a little snug. Also putting a tie on with it only makes it look like a too small monkey suit.

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