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Sane Friends

Friday Fun

8 years ago when I left my atheist ways of 18 years and started down a spiritual path I looked for people who had things I wanted. It worked very well when I lived in NY since there was many people that I looked up to. However when I came to Virginia I have not been as fortunate. Most people were still learning and no one was ahead of me to learn from and I've gotten out of practice. So when I was reading one of my business books on the subject I started thinking of who would be good candidates. First up was Loan Lady and we met for Starbucks this morning to talk about what she does. It was very helpful. A lot of it was being positive and energetic. While I'm extremely energetic I work on the positive part. Also was the change of a few words. Instead of networking she used making friends which I adored. I know for me words have power and subtle changes like that mean a lot.

I'm a little tired today since I loaded my ACT program to help me track my business and where it comes from so that I can focus on what works and what doesn't. As usual I'm a guy and don't read directions, however with a little side tracking I got it working very well.

On the home front my Landlord stated he wanted both women out by Sunday. He's leaving next week for his train show and doesn't want them still there. The spoons in the garbage disposal last time probably didn't help. Single was suppose to be out by Sunday, but seems to be dragging her feet which is normal for her. Escort hasn't been home for most of the week so I know he was going to call her. It will be awesome to have to place alone while he is gone. Nakedness and blasting music will commence in 4 days. Woohoo!!!

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