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Patience in Not My Virtue

While I can be patient with many things forget about it when I'm worked up about it. So like I mentioned earlier I finally got the okay on the color paint for my office. Hey look I have 4 hours before I have to be some place and I'm free, let me paint. Since I'm dressed in my business attire I did it in my underwear and moved all of my crap out of one room and went to work. I wasn't expecting it to take 2 coats, but it did. However the finish product looked nice. I still need to do the molding, but that can wait. Every thing was working out well for me to get out of the office to make it to the movies. I really didn't want to clean up, but since I had a patient first thing in the morning that wasn't an option. So I pulled up my drop clothes only to find that they really didn't do the job. My adjusting table was all spotted with paint as was the rug. Bloody hell!!! So I had to quickly clean the table up issuing a few prayers along the way. I'm happy to say it's all clean. The rug I'm not quite sure about and will be tomorrow's worry. I might just be getting a carpet cleaner in to clean it which probably wouldn't be a bad idea since I have no idea when it was cleaned last.

I went to see Changeling tonight. It was a good movie, but not very suspenseful. It's one of those movies that goes A-B-C-D... you get the point. However for a freebie it was well worth it.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

VISUAL of you painting in your underwear!!!!!!! LOL


Now why didn't I think of that...I've had to paint half the rooms in my house this past month. It would of been far easier to just do it in my underwear and jump in the shower....hmmm food for thought. (Hugs)Indigo

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